CRAZIEST Transformations in NBA History..

Feb 19, 2021
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One NBA player got so many tattoos, it ruined his life. Another gained so much weight, you can’t even recognize him. These, are the craziest transformations in NBA history.
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  • They got him outta da CLOSET

    Shayla StevensonShayla Stevenson2 hours ago
  • Adam looks dope

    Lilskirt DRIPLilskirt DRIP2 hours ago
  • Don’t use God’s name in vain.

    UcrxzyUcrxzy2 hours ago
  • Heyyyy 0:18 Y’all saw Dwight Howard???

    Yassercast 21Yassercast 212 hours ago
  • God Damn that thumb nail gave me a heart attack😂

    Noshi Gaming ツNoshi Gaming ツ3 hours ago
  • The 90s. A time when 90% of the world wasnt retarded you mean

    peter gedapeter geda5 hours ago
  • 4:53 this always gets me lol

    JoelLeOneJoelLeOne6 hours ago
  • you disrespected russle with this image, what yourself homie

    nicefromtheicenicefromtheice7 hours ago
  • Why would you put Westbrook up there like that u weird af

    Isaiah SalesIsaiah Sales8 hours ago
  • I thought his name was Ramen Imao

    TheLofiBunniiTheLofiBunnii8 hours ago
  • Ima go on every big channel and promote you

    Lil bacon babyLil bacon baby10 hours ago
  • You know sometimes I feel like there are just better ways of saying certain things but.....🤷🏾

    chongo cholachongo chola10 hours ago
  • Ok so I started watching one of this guys videos an hour ago, then after that I clicked the next video that he said then the next then the next and again and again until on this video he’s telling me to watch the video I started on 😂😂😂😂😂

    Emaad AnsariEmaad Ansari10 hours ago
  • Me and Joel Embid are the same I’m 13 and I’m 6ft

    IL_SnagiesIL_Snagies11 hours ago
  • How is Westbrooks braided style weird? It’s weird that you’re not culturally diverse enough to know that it’s a normal hairstyle amongst black people.

    Tyriq YoungTyriq Young11 hours ago
  • Fr

    uriah napperuriah napper14 hours ago
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  • Smh you a weirdo saying Steve Adams need to stay away from schools because his mustache? Nah maybe its YOU that need to stay away from kids with yo sus ass.

    Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson15 hours ago
  • Don’t forget Delonte West who Mark Cuban help get his life turned around.

    John MolvanianJohn Molvanian16 hours ago
  • Don’t forget the Answer’s casual attire that led to new NBA rules for dressing up.

    John MolvanianJohn Molvanian16 hours ago
  • 1:33 his hair style was changing every gay...

    LWMLWM17 hours ago
  • 10:18 holup

    Chris YeeChris Yee18 hours ago
  • I am also 13 and 6 ft

    Sione Amv 火Sione Amv 火19 hours ago
    • Same

      The ChiorasThe Chioras17 hours ago
  • Rodman is a weirdo

    ZigTechZigTech19 hours ago
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    pacificrulespacificrules23 hours ago
  • Dropping a like bro this was 1 of your best 1s

  • Lol Michael Jordan was very famous in Chicago in 1995 but after Rodman came in it was all about Rodman

    Alisia ToresAlisia ToresDay ago

    Elf GamerElf GamerDay ago
  • Why would someone's mustache make u want them to stay away from you? Judgmental much?

    JessicaJessicaDay ago
  • Can we get him to 1 mil

    Khaalia TaylorKhaalia TaylorDay ago
  • I got to meet that one Giannis atendhdiyxjxuxxidhdjdj guy in Las Vegas

    Itz SnipesItz SnipesDay ago
  • Why would people make fun of Rodman he’s literally so nice. I’ve met him before in summer of 2019. (We saw him walking by a bar while we were in Cali on a tour bus)

    an1me l0verxan1me l0verxDay ago
  • I’m pretty sure everyone accepted Steven Adams look.

    Robert Daniels-laneRobert Daniels-laneDay ago
  • Demons got ahold of him! Dennis you are one of GODS Chose! DEUTERONOMY 28:1-68

    Alice HawkinsAlice HawkinsDay ago
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  • Russels was like Michael Jackson’s

    jmike2114jmike2114Day ago
  • Bipolar and super star at the same time.

    Solar FlareSolar FlareDay ago
  • 2:07 I ain’t tryna be rude but that’s still pretty gay

    Yung PerezYung PerezDay ago
  • so is Dennis Rodman gay? at this point is obvious but he never came out of the closest by saying so,at the very least he's bisexual, I guess even so that was the 90s people were just trying to focus on what he has to offer at the court.

    L CL CDay ago
  • Westbrook lookin kinda bad no homo

    Vaudi6 AveVaudi6 AveDay ago
  • I subbed hope you see this bro

  • Rodman had a talent, if something were to enhance his nautual abilty to be better by impoving his self image, then why not. Doing what he wanted phycology made him an even better player.

    William Guy Thilgen Jr.William Guy Thilgen Jr.Day ago
  • This damn host ...needs to learn some manners!

    Matilda BishopsMatilda BishopsDay ago
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  • Dude your comments got me rolling 😂😂😂

  • Jesus Christ is lord and saviour repent from your sins before it’s too late

    Huncho FlowHuncho FlowDay ago
  • Ur pretty judgemental, talking about high class athletes like U can out perform them

    Josh GibbonsJosh GibbonsDay ago
  • Lol, it was a conservative time. Yeah, so conservative the president was fucking interns in the oval office, there were riots in LA, Death Row ruled the rap game.....gimme a break. What bunch of fuddy duddys they were back then lol

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  • Chris Andersen birdman my favorite player

    Random JeffersonRandom JeffersonDay ago
  • Jesus is king

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson682 days ago
  • 13:19 At this exact moment he realized... IT'S OVER.

    M MM M2 days ago
  • Madonna inspired Dennis be different and become a star not San Antonio.

    Reuben RichardsonReuben Richardson2 days ago
  • It all started when he was dating madonna

    MrJusabus01MrJusabus012 days ago
  • Imma freak now yesssss

    Chris like greensChris like greens2 days ago
  • Did he just say Steven Adams has to be further away from schools? Why? Comment what u think

    dj boidj boi2 days ago
  • 9:47 gta beach?

    Curby CupCurby Cup2 days ago
  • Steven Adams look normal to me...idk how the hell you see him as a creep 😒

    hi how are youhi how are you2 days ago
  • Birdman used to be a great jumper before his addiction. He was a good shot blocker and a dunker. I hope he is good now.

    Dan YodaDan Yoda2 days ago
  • "It was the '90s, tattoos and hair colors weren't accepted in society." They still aren't. Too many boomers still around.

    Schlaqckster McdougalpuffSchlaqckster Mcdougalpuff2 days ago
    • You new age weirdos are way more up tight! Colored hair looks dumb as hell away!

      Ben HereBen Here16 hours ago
    • cringe.

      fdsfsd sfdsfdsfsd sfdsDay ago
  • Steven Adam’s is fucking funny

    Amauri WilsonAmauri Wilson2 days ago
  • How does an adult grow 3 inches??

    Malone Dick llMalone Dick ll2 days ago
  • Rodman ain't a bad dude, he has had it rough I think, I mean he got money but that's all he got

    Malone Dick llMalone Dick ll2 days ago
  • at that part 4:54 he gay i was going to say OMG

    ThunderKingThunderKing2 days ago

    ThunderKingThunderKing2 days ago
  • Only on youtube can you find garbage content.

    Anthony MartinezAnthony Martinez2 days ago
  • Rodman so sounds like Roman

    ハナDeltaハナDelta2 days ago
  • We accepted Rodman's looks but now judging Adams's mustache?

    Andrej AndersonAndrej Anderson2 days ago
  • Steven adams mustache was fresh

    Atomic LazercatAtomic Lazercat2 days ago
  • What about giannis antetakounmpos body transformation. He went from twig to cedar tree. Oh he is in here, whoops.

    Atomic LazercatAtomic Lazercat2 days ago
  • You!! that owns this channel YOUR A FREAK and should stay away from ALL schools period 🤣🤣🤣

    William IopuWilliam Iopu2 days ago
  • Little too critical of the bird man aren’t ya!??

    MD d’AngeloMD d’Angelo2 days ago
  • Dude the 90s were grunge, colored hair wasn’t that crazy

    Testiculon 3000Testiculon 30002 days ago
    • This guy is a dork and knows nothing!

      Ben HereBen Here16 hours ago
  • Take away their Multimillion dollar contracts, the NBA player status and all of the others bullshit that goes along with be a professional jock and they wouldn't be any different than they were the day they were drafted. Money enables people to do a lot of dumbass stuff.

    Richard StrohbachRichard Strohbach2 days ago
  • Zion Williamson is 6'6" and 285 lbs

    Levi KidsLevi Kids2 days ago
  • I hate 15 second commercials

    e sosse soss2 days ago
  • Giannis technically traveled twice in the clip you used, how's that impressive?

    VicerexVicerex2 days ago
  • The girl version if Russ is already in a sprite commercial.

    guinnessfan420guinnessfan4202 days ago
  • 3:06 am I the only one thinking that Steven adams looked like Maldini with a mustache?

    Future ZenoFuture Zeno2 days ago
  • grew 3 inch’s in what

    Jaysen HairJaysen Hair2 days ago
  • you did westbrook dirty🤣🤣😭😭

    jeezygoatjeezygoat2 days ago
  • Chris Anderson and Robin Lopez wtf is up with their hair?!

    CancerSurvivor06 4R3ALCancerSurvivor06 4R3AL2 days ago
  • Steve Adams looks like Jason Momoa and Pablo Escobar at once with that moustache and hair

    Churchill KalChurchill Kal2 days ago
  • needs to stay further away from schools lmfao

    CancerSurvivor06 4R3ALCancerSurvivor06 4R3AL2 days ago
  • 3:13 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOL. and 9:20 what is the music. i love it

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan2 days ago
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  • In cameroun its soccer not Volleyball

    JerrypoolJerrypool2 days ago
  • the whole steven adams segment is a how is a dude growing out moustache and hair crazy? LMAO

    9razzler99razzler92 days ago
  • You are my favorite youtuber

    Brandon BrookBrandon Brook2 days ago
  • Yo Anderson turned black to talking abt all of em 😂

    KemoシKemoシ2 days ago
  • Steve adams went from college boy to aquaman real quick.

    Al Roi BenavidezAl Roi Benavidez2 days ago
  • I subscribed

    pompaiiFNpompaiiFN2 days ago
  • dennsis rodman is a dicgrace to the black people thats a bad example for kid s

    clipzclipz2 days ago
  • What are these stupid pictures people put in order to have people watch their videos ...

    Boma YeBoma Ye2 days ago
  • NBA and Rapper is same.

    Ardian widiatmokoArdian widiatmoko2 days ago