How This NBA Star Became A Homeless Man..

Feb 9, 2021
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How do you go from hitting game winning shots next to LeBron James, making over 16 million dollars to a homeless man on the side of the street. This is Delonte West’s story..
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  • Glad he’s good

    KaioCrapKaioCrap26 minutes ago
  • I fucking love mark cuban.

    victoriousvictorious35 minutes ago
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    Jaiden BrownJaiden Brown41 minute ago
  • ☹️🙏🏻

    JoToTi TinaeJoToTi Tinae44 minutes ago
  • it’s not what u earn, it’s what u save.

    CaliGaLCaliGaLHour ago
  • he was arrested for carrying guns?

    msdmsdHour ago
  • I have no pitty for this guy! He had everything! Which many never get. Boo hoo give me a break. We all have a story.

    RegRegHour ago
  • Great STORY with great ENDING.

  • Wtf 😹

    IceManIceManHour ago
  • Praise God. Now he needs to put his experiences in a book to pay it forward.

    Kay GreenKay Green2 hours ago
  • This is heartbreaking but the end so happy 😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱

    Bryson Whittington-Bryson Whittington-2 hours ago
  • wow......That was deep......

    Symbiotic Void MunkeySymbiotic Void Munkey2 hours ago
  • ❤️

    Hana ShuanHana Shuan2 hours ago
  • 3 guns. House arrest. Bipolar disorder. If i had 3 guns i wouldnt see daylight again.

    Mike TrevinoMike Trevino2 hours ago
  • Such a hard dude. Alot of us grew up in poverty. Alot of us never got millions though. And guns and drugs and bad choices are terrible. But thats life. I liked him till he bangin homies mom. And he was ok. Not worth 16 mill but whatever.

    Mike TrevinoMike Trevino2 hours ago
  • Just keep on fighting man..that's life and someday you'll never know there is a huge opportunity for you my friend...learned from your mistakes...goodluck man.. Godbless

    Dheil LagmanDheil Lagman2 hours ago
  • Should've invested his more

    thegigadykid1thegigadykid12 hours ago
  • How sad, I'm glad hes doing well

    ysb362ysb3622 hours ago
  • 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    MR.AMR.A3 hours ago
  • Heavenly father God, your grace has no bounds. We are blessed to be one of yours. Thank you for looking for the one who strayed too far and yet you found and shepherd him home! In you we Trust!!

    Deeply Deeply DopeDeeply Deeply Dope3 hours ago
  • I used to like Lebron until he started talking sht about president Trump.

    Rohullah Khan MogolRohullah Khan Mogol3 hours ago
  • His story deserves a movie. 😢

    Sir JovitSir Jovit3 hours ago
  • Oh yeah, this fool...

    GianGian3 hours ago
  • Awesome story!!!❤️

    Smoking ChronicSmoking Chronic3 hours ago
  • 🗣Mark🙏🏼💙💙💙

    Cc DameCc Dame3 hours ago
  • Plus he might did not wanna to do all the the rituals.

    JUDAH JJUDAH J3 hours ago
  • I pray for his health and life man! Glad this ended well..

    eleven jordaneleven jordan3 hours ago
  • He came to my job some time last year bringing a delivery on an 18 wheeler. So he must be driving for a company now.

    Beverly BooBeverly Boo4 hours ago
  • Glad to know he's doing better and fighting his battle. Life is challenging to all people. Sometimes getting knocked down is part of the journey. Getting up and going on is the path for winning your battle. You can do it! keep your head up 👍👍

    Robert DouglasRobert Douglas4 hours ago
  • He spent his money 💰 on bitches

    A MeardA Meard4 hours ago

    vinceTzyvinceTzy4 hours ago
  • “That nobody saw coming” well... delonte and lebrons mom did

    Andrew ReimherrAndrew Reimherr4 hours ago
  • Lol that brother used the Blair witch project footage when they were searching for delonte 💀

    N LN L4 hours ago
  • After we die, what happens to us? Do you know for sure?

    J 336J 3364 hours ago
  • Shame he pissed all of his money away. Unfortunately this is what happens when you lose your jump shot!

    Louis SabaterLouis Sabater4 hours ago
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    M SM S5 hours ago
  • dang..this made me want to cry..

    nickynicky5 hours ago
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    Alicea HeubergerAlicea Heuberger5 hours ago
  • I don’t even watch basketball 🏀

    Leah LovesParisLeah LovesParis5 hours ago
  • Tighten up my niggas 💯

    hank hardon / BLKFACEhank hardon / BLKFACE5 hours ago
  • Is he an Oreo?

    hank hardon / BLKFACEhank hardon / BLKFACE5 hours ago
  • Most dads are POS s

    hank hardon / BLKFACEhank hardon / BLKFACE5 hours ago
  • Its called being a crkhed Happens to the best of us

    hank hardon / BLKFACEhank hardon / BLKFACE5 hours ago
  • Refusing Hollywood. This is what they do to you!

    MySelfBienMySelfBien5 hours ago
  • Easy.... the promiscuous women drained the money out of him

    terry wristterry wrist5 hours ago
  • It’s hard to ask for help though, why is it??

    Leo EnriLeo Enri5 hours ago
  • Damn so crazy he was a basket player finally reached his dreams then he went homeless now he’s back on his feet so that’s so crazy

    cynical bruhcynical bruh6 hours ago
  • N.b.a.- not ballin anymore.😣

    Matthew MaysonMatthew Mayson6 hours ago
  • Give give do not forget the poor people and get afraid of the lord do not be snobby just simple that is life you do not known what is happening and hiding njust do the good and move on be afraid of the lord!!!nothing for ever the good time or the bad as well

    Fatma nour GhaniaFatma nour Ghania6 hours ago
  • This saw

    gamer kid 900gamer kid 9006 hours ago
  • This really goes to show that no matter how high you can get you can always hit rock bottom. And that no matter how someone looks like they are dealing it might not actually be that. But i’m so happy to hear that he’s doing good and that people out there are willing to help him and that there are souls like Mark Cuban who will do anything if someone is in need

    Alejandro RodriguezAlejandro Rodriguez6 hours ago
  • May God Bless his Soul and watch and keep him from harm.good people struggle not easy for alot of people that suffer from bipolar.

    Jose VegaJose Vega7 hours ago
  • The narrator sound like dharr Mann

    Neisha SenardNeisha Senard7 hours ago
  • Waiting for Kaepernick to become homeless..

    Justin DrakeJustin Drake7 hours ago
  • We all fall down but we get up to do bigger and better that's learning YOU ARE STILL A HERO

    Lisa JonesLisa Jones7 hours ago
  • Bruh he slept with lebrons mom what a savage

    AlexBro123AlexBro1237 hours ago
  • 👏👏👏👏

    Katherine AndradesKatherine Andrades7 hours ago
  • The fact that a basketball player of his popularity even needs a video like this to remind/let people know who he was is kinda embarrassing imo. I jus hope he and lebron could mend things. They seemed like close friends and lebron even promised that he would help him find therapy and support

    Doodoo DooodooDoodoo Dooodoo7 hours ago

    Ikeama EvansIkeama Evans7 hours ago
  • He has a good heart. That’s why people still want to be there for him

    Vonda DorseyVonda Dorsey8 hours ago
  • Poor baby. Money doesn’t solve all problems

    Vonda DorseyVonda Dorsey8 hours ago
  • Don't give up keep your head up g I know we go Thur something in life but we can't let us take us down like I always say when door closes there's always another to open

    Carlos CalderonCarlos Calderon8 hours ago
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    AN NGUYENAN NGUYEN8 hours ago
  • Damn bro

    Jaliyah MorganJaliyah Morgan8 hours ago
  • Thank god for the help delonte needed

    gregory t. fergusongregory t. ferguson8 hours ago
  • Imagine living in a million dollar mansion and cant take a SHOWER❗🙏🏿

    luhkeeezluhkeeez8 hours ago
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    Lucas BenjaminLucas Benjamin8 hours ago
  • Yo mark cuban am fcked up to help me out too man

    Teddy KoibitaTeddy Koibita8 hours ago
  • Cuban is a good man

    Guo VickGuo Vick8 hours ago
  • I lost all focus at 9:33

    Iron LeeIron Lee8 hours ago
  • He and his mom live right across the street from me for two years here in Oxon Hill Maryland. I saw him all the time. Last time the police came in to pick him up they were getting him help about a year ago. I’m seeing comments stating that he is doing well now and that is great news!

    Godspeeds SpacebenderGodspeeds Spacebender8 hours ago
  • Tears & Our prayers helped

  • I’m happy Mark Cuban took action and actually went to “help” him instead of posting about it like everyone else.

    THEE GemTHEE Gem9 hours ago
  • 0:01 Crack

    Jordan StaleyJordan Staley9 hours ago
  • Beautiful story

    Daniel Bull Runner LambDaniel Bull Runner Lamb9 hours ago
  • That’s a hope of life. It’s makes a feel cry seems I’m in same track. Hopefully someone come in my way and help me. I’m waiting and waiting. Will not suicid for sure.

    Tareque ImamTareque Imam9 hours ago
  • Reverse inspiring story

    prod dylBoiprod dylBoi9 hours ago
  • When you dont know how to handle millions and you spend it like crazy.

    Obed MtzObed Mtz9 hours ago
  • Glad he's doing better now!! 🙏

    PatriciaPatricia9 hours ago
  • lol lived beyond his means fo not feel sorry at all.

    arthur copelandarthur copeland9 hours ago
  • Great story bro! Very nice cause im a fan of basketball as well and talk about nba. Thank you for sharing this! Very nice!

    Kusinerong InhinyeroKusinerong Inhinyero9 hours ago
  • Wooow.. i am so proud of him

    Yailton NevesYailton Neves10 hours ago
  • How do you go believing they were your friends when they were just along for the ride.

    My ShadowKungFuMy ShadowKungFu10 hours ago
  • People lake him are just weak men and that’s way they take drugs because there weak men !!!!!

    Lee OrrLee Orr10 hours ago
  • I really hope that he’s doing better

    Spare me the DramaticsSpare me the Dramatics10 hours ago
  • Man these fucking onions

    Yorick GYorick G10 hours ago
  • "nothing really came of this" - that's why it's called virtue signaling.

    Vincent VVincent V11 hours ago
  • The fact there are good people still out there. God bless you

    Terry MardiTerry Mardi11 hours ago
  • sub to Hxnt On YT

    Hunter MillanHunter Millan11 hours ago
    • No

      Miguel AvalosMiguel Avalos9 hours ago
  • I dont think he was truly broke.

    OG VERBSOG VERBS11 hours ago
  • I can understand him, being by yourself and depression at the same time is the worst anyone can go through

    Creator'sServantCreator'sServant11 hours ago
  • This man 2 amendment civil right were violated.

    Highlander FreelancerHighlander Freelancer11 hours ago
  • It shows the depth of how serious we should take mental illness issues, symptoms, and difficulties. Society criticizes, make fun of, and even abuse, those who may not seem to be of so-called normal behavior!

    Merlon CoxMerlon Cox11 hours ago
  • Every body like the this for mark cubman bro

    Janay MooreJanay Moore11 hours ago
  • LeBron destroyed him for crankin his mom's duh

    JonHeFinesse GamingJonHeFinesse Gaming12 hours ago
  • chills

    Rocco BalistreriRocco Balistreri12 hours ago
  • Great story, Im happy it worked out for him, Theses Billionares should set up More program that helps out more of the homeless and mentally Ill around the nation

    Chris LeoneChris Leone12 hours ago
  • this should tell you guys never to give up.

    Demon JinXDemon JinX12 hours ago
  • So sad 😞

    anson boisvertanson boisvert12 hours ago
  • 4:05

    HZE FNBRHZE FNBR12 hours ago