Meet The Tallest NBA Player Ever..

Oct 15, 2020
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If you thought NBA players like Shaquille O’Neal or Yao Ming were tall.. Just wait until you find out about the 7 foot 7 giant.. Manute Bol was a one of a kind player and person, so his story is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.. And yeah he made millions during his playing days, but what he did with that money transformed him from a normal athlete to a worldwide hero..

  • He did alot in his 47 years here. Rest up King

    ZeepipZeepipHour ago
  • Hey at least he has a big coffin

    mr.tripletntmr.tripletnt4 hours ago
  • Okay that's it Dinka tribe I forgot the tribes name

    Dak Prescott is my HomieDak Prescott is my Homie5 hours ago
  • I bet you were curious enough to read this

    Ormerod OliverOrmerod Oliver6 hours ago
  • A 7 foot 8 basketball player who played with Lebron James came to my school

    Ormerod OliverOrmerod Oliver6 hours ago
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  • I dont wanna be that guy but the tallest nba player actually is georghe muresanu from romania.

    Fayxe DFayxe D12 hours ago
  • He should have a. Book

    Mala KhiMala Khi13 hours ago
  • They should make a movie about this.

    m00dyb1uesm00dyb1ues14 hours ago
  • i thouht Ghoerghe Muresan is the tallest in nba history

    heavy fucking metalheavy fucking metal16 hours ago
  • He don’t even know how old he is😭♥️😭

    AwesomeCS08AwesomeCS0817 hours ago
  • He is the second tallest player, the tallest being Gheorghe Mureșan standing at 7ft 7,5

    IQuSIQuS18 hours ago
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  • They must have used the ultra wide camera for his picture 🤣

    Amaan ZiaAmaan Zia20 hours ago
  • Amazing storyteller.

    ahhchooahhchooDay ago
  • Imagine having him in your 6th grade class. Just a 6’1 sixth grader, so casual

    vyb checkvyb checkDay ago
  • People should make a movie about him

    Tomás PaixãoTomás PaixãoDay ago
  • Incredible

    Daniel The Official Avatar VloggerDaniel The Official Avatar VloggerDay ago
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  • 800K

    Omarion kirton KirtonOmarion kirton KirtonDay ago
  • Never knew this history. Thank you for telling this story.

    Crazy SteveCrazy SteveDay ago
  • The height is incredible he look like a slenderman not offense

    Nur fadliNur fadliDay ago
  • This man could just walk through team

    CloudCloudDay ago
  • Bol bol

    Jaden ShehataJaden Shehata2 days ago
  • Imagine not having to jump to make a dunk

    R.D.G PlayzzR.D.G Playzz2 days ago
  • He was Spud webs’ roommate

    Al McDanielAl McDaniel2 days ago
  • I'm surprised most basketball fans don't know Manute Bol or Muresan

    FαOɳZFαOɳZ2 days ago
  • I’m your 27 sud

    Kohb9Kohb92 days ago
  • Sudan is known for having tall people and that where manute is from

    Lightning GamingLightning Gaming2 days ago
  • He’s a real hero to his country

    godsdoll _godsdoll _2 days ago
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    Martin D JohnsonMartin D Johnson2 days ago
  • Rebound- “I did it” Me- 😭😭😭😭😭

    Ayden BishopAyden Bishop2 days ago
  • Dad?

    TLSTLS2 days ago
  • @1:08 Eaton Center Shoutout! 😍

    Philip AnupolPhilip Anupol2 days ago
  • Rip🙏

    Nikki GNikki G2 days ago
  • "I got a crime record longer than Manute Bol." -Big L

    racecobarracecobar3 days ago
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  • This channel is underrated!!

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  • 2:01 it's called a translator

    Ry WalterRy Walter3 days ago
  • Amazing story! Thanks for sharing.

    James DuffJames Duff3 days ago
  • Damn Iam the 1000th commentor

    Yichan B. EruiYichan B. Erui3 days ago
  • Now we see his son playing in the nba like him🤝🥺

    AhmedDerKurdeAhmedDerKurde3 days ago
  • He such a hero that gave up everything he have for his country and people❤🌹 Rest In Peace hero❤.

    Vtg gas_295Vtg gas_2953 days ago
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    Ryan HazerRyan Hazer3 days ago
  • Salute manute🥺

    beast titanbeast titan3 days ago
  • I am from Sudan

    محمد طمبلمحمد طمبل3 days ago
  • Almost taller then sultan

    N143N1433 days ago
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    Jesse DouglasJesse Douglas4 days ago
  • Bro have you forgot bout George Muhresan ?

    Andre DavisAndre Davis4 days ago
  • 8:05 how the f do people guard 7”7 giant

    Kermit the frogKermit the frog4 days ago
  • Georges Muresan was taller than him by half an inch

    Lil Bank accountLil Bank account4 days ago
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    Rosario GrantRosario Grant4 days ago
  • He could easily dunk on a 12-foot rim.

    JJ4 days ago
  • The rock is 6'1 😂

    JJ4 days ago
  • He’s a slender man

    RadiicalRadiical4 days ago
  • Woah

    RadiicalRadiical4 days ago
  • Oof

    RadiicalRadiical4 days ago
  • Gheorghe Muresean was half a inch taller haha fail

    Purple AlienPurple Alien4 days ago
  • Wow

  • Call on Jesus Manute

    dean guidrydean guidry4 days ago
  • Ain't tacko 7'7 oh this was before nvm

    Freud KlissouFreud Klissou4 days ago
  • ✊🏿black lives matterr

    Nebyou ZewduNebyou Zewdu4 days ago
  • No offense but this dude is kinda creepy

    Wisher playzWisher playz4 days ago
  • The human charlie at we be bears

    Cheeta 11Cheeta 114 days ago
  • This would make a crazy good movie

    scott sparksscott sparks5 days ago
  • hero. period

    Brandon Tommy HoganBrandon Tommy Hogan5 days ago
  • Sad

    Comedy MakesComedy Makes5 days ago
  • Man can literally just stand up and dunk

    Max 57125Max 571255 days ago
  • I subbed just becasue of that story

    Restless WepaRestless Wepa5 days ago
  • Well everyone in sudan is tall to be fair

    GarkKahnGarkKahn5 days ago
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    Are TenAre Ten5 days ago
  • Wow this video is good. Good for him

    Abhiram MalapakaAbhiram Malapaka5 days ago
  • i am from sudan also!

    ahmed kokeahmed koke5 days ago
  • I think the craziest part is that a lot of people didn’t really know him

    Axle48Axle485 days ago
  • Siren head be like

    ClovxzClovxz5 days ago
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  • 1:49 DREW BINSKY at the left

    Leejan MadriagaLeejan Madriaga5 days ago
  • Is 7 foot 7 even real my guy if it is send him to da doctor by some is not right

    Shirley WilliamsShirley Williams5 days ago
  • when the tallest nba player is taller than you even when he is sitting down

    BadAtEverythingBadAtEverything6 days ago
  • Even more impressive is How he did all this As I was HOLDING HIM DOWN...Isn't that what Blacks always say? Whites hold them down

    Crypto DaddyCrypto Daddy6 days ago
  • rip

    RealMarcPlayzRealMarcPlayz6 days ago
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  • Wow.Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

    african kaleabafrican kaleab6 days ago
  • who da hell's voice is dis!! dis aint the rebound I KNOW

    Ahmad YusufAhmad Yusuf6 days ago
  • Tallest person in the nba history is still gheorge muresan

    BlackeyYT _BlackeyYT _6 days ago
    • Buddy you’re wrong. Gheorge Muresan and Manute Bol are both the same height, they’re both 7’7”. Nothing more, Nothing less. Therefore, they’re both the tallest players in NBA history.

      Shuja Baqar21Shuja Baqar216 days ago
    • @Shuja Baqar21 acttualy Manute Bol was 7'7 but Mureșan was 7'7/5

      BlackeyYT _BlackeyYT _6 days ago
    • Ya Manute Bol and Muresan were the same height

      Shuja Baqar21Shuja Baqar216 days ago
  • Enderman

    AiidanAiidan6 days ago
  • How is his legs not broken

    addpieplayz 2 ,addpieplayz 2 ,6 days ago
  • I feel he was just an angel sent from god himself, literally. He accomplished something so big then suddenly he's gone.

    ak artyak arty6 days ago
  • I feel so bad for him. Wow, this is what being good gets you.

    ak artyak arty6 days ago
  • Bol Bol dad is just a different breed literally

    SGK MelonSGK Melon7 days ago
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    Oliver BachOliver Bach7 days ago
  • The tallest was George Muresan, not this guy

    LkenmanerLkenmaner7 days ago
    • Manute Bol and George Muresan are the same height buddy. They’re both 7’7” look for yourself

      Shuja Baqar21Shuja Baqar216 days ago
  • And his brother bol bol went to nba as the tallest

    Kabir SinghKabir Singh7 days ago
    • Bol Bol is his SON not his brother

      Shuja Baqar21Shuja Baqar216 days ago
  • Bol bol was only ten years old

    Shana SolomonShana Solomon7 days ago
  • Monut bol past away in 2010 from a kidney failure

    Shana SolomonShana Solomon7 days ago
  • Manute is the goat R.I.P

    Daya KishorDaya Kishor7 days ago
  • Top 10 anime protagonists story

    prince D. N0B0DYprince D. N0B0DY7 days ago
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  • Did you know Manute Bol is my uncle

    Noel KuonyNoel Kuony8 days ago