NBA Moments That Turned Into Memes

Dec 21, 2020
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Meme's are as important as the air that we breathe.. Meme's are life.. and my favorite memes are from these NBA Moments..

  • How you not gonna have WANNA SPRITE CRAM BERRY meme on here

    Fated SMBFated SMB2 hours ago
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    Charles WarrenCharles Warren8 hours ago
  • bruh wheres the confused nick young meme?

    VastVast14 hours ago
  • Kenny Lattimore....not even out yet 😆😆😆made me weak

    Rafael -Rafael -Day ago
  • 1:40 it’s not a dumb question, you’re just not smart enough to understand as are some of these folks in this world.

    ShaconeShacone2 days ago
    • Ikr

      ICYPUMAICYPUMA2 days ago
  • And I took that personally

    JmJm2 days ago
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    Augustine McraeAugustine Mcrae2 days ago
  • REBOUND: didn't include 'i took it personally' me: and i took it personally

    AwesomeDude3247AwesomeDude32473 days ago

    SNIpE JaZaRSNIpE JaZaR3 days ago
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    Roderick LismanRoderick Lisman3 days ago
  • “I took it personally”?

    Josue GuillenJosue Guillen3 days ago
  • Hardens Defense should be meme

    KJ HOFKJ HOF3 days ago
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    Navier GnatNavier Gnat3 days ago
  • 4:03 The substitute teacher when the class acting a fool

    RyotYTRyotYT3 days ago
  • Chicken and fries

    BlanksBlanks4 days ago
  • So now I know where DAVID comes from

    Jamil RonJamil Ron4 days ago
  • What what are you talking about man

    supreme water gunsupreme water gun4 days ago
  • Stop it, get some help

    Cody 595Cody 5954 days ago
  • 2:38 beat name?

    Apostolos GeorgoulopoulosApostolos Georgoulopoulos4 days ago
  • Ey ey ey you forgot michel jordan stop it get some help

  • Where is tony farmer

  • What about the OG Yao Ming face meme?

    DaleDale4 days ago
  • Beal is scoring like 33 ppg now 😬

    Soren GatbontonSoren Gatbonton5 days ago
  • Westbrook = The NBAs Meme Man

    Teagan The Dash ManTeagan The Dash Man5 days ago
  • It was midnight when I watched the shaq commercial funniest thing every

    Courtney WangCourtney Wang5 days ago
  • I wanted Nick Young and the question Mark's lol

    ThinLion FilmsThinLion Films6 days ago
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    Edna SandersEdna Sanders6 days ago
  • I don't even like basketball that much and this is entertaining. Thats how good Rebound is.

    SIR. Papatundè the IVSIR. Papatundè the IV7 days ago
  • bruh where was curry dancing meme

    AbnORmalAbnORmal7 days ago
  • Yao Ming's B*tch Please meme?

    redeagle 1117redeagle 11177 days ago
  • They forgot about Michael Jordan's "Stop, get some help"

    Nate AnayaNate Anaya7 days ago
  • It should be quiet Leonard

    Not Carlwin_7Not Carlwin_77 days ago
  • 1:48

    Alex EllisonAlex Ellison7 days ago
  • 1:49

    Alex EllisonAlex Ellison7 days ago
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    Bridget RobinsonBridget Robinson8 days ago
  • at mike you forgot the "Stop it...get some help" XD

    Bjorni KadilliBjorni Kadilli8 days ago
  • the stop it get some help was left out

    BuckBuck8 days ago
  • For mj u shoulda added stop it get some help

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    Affan SiddiquiAffan Siddiqui8 days ago
  • The Russell Westbrook one is probably the most iconic meme, followed by Michael Jordan's "Stop it, get some help"

    somethin’s sketchysomethin’s sketchy9 days ago
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    Yeezy 700Yeezy 7009 days ago
  • Shaq is almost better as a comedian than he is at basketball...that moment he fell brings back memories man yo cuz u gotta fall with style ...which has happened to me several times or me crashing in to things where I just fall into the moment and laugh it off instead of looking around worrying if someone saw my goof..that mj moment at Kobe's memorial was a sweet one too...a good way to bring some smiles to such a terrible moment

    Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y TenerifeAntonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife9 days ago
  • What about the "And I took that personally" In MJ's video?

    Superkian_64Superkian_649 days ago
  • Is it only me or there was this one meme where this kids like LEBROON JAMEES

    Yatharth BansalYatharth Bansal10 days ago
  • 2019 kawhi did a meme even without saying anything in overtime all-star media speechs

    Chef Peanut YEETChef Peanut YEET11 days ago
  • Rip Kobe Bryant and others I hope u are happy up there 🙏🙏🕊🕊

    Saanvi PatelSaanvi Patel11 days ago
  • 3:17 queue robotic kawhi laugh

    Frank BaningFrank Baning12 days ago
  • People: meming on MJ crying MJ: Stop it, get some help

    Jonas LauwersJonas Lauwers12 days ago
    • ...And i took it personal!

      Jonas LauwersJonas Lauwers12 days ago
  • This whole list coulda just been Shaq making faces

    KrisJM1234KrisJM123412 days ago
  • You forgot stop it get some help😂😂

    BeastBeast12 days ago
  • The question were the guy ask did you guys lose or did they win. That’s. Actually a good question. We’re you guys not on your best game or we’re the jazz just better that night

    K A K A R O TK A K A R O T13 days ago
  • 6:43 Shaq no pants then he has them

    Nhl ClipsNhl Clips13 days ago
  • What about "you da real MVP" or "And i took that personally?"

    Colin HarkinsColin Harkins13 days ago
  • Russell, did the coin land on heads or did it not land on tails?

    Colin HarkinsColin Harkins13 days ago

    Sans TheawesomekidSans Theawesomekid13 days ago
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    jordan is geyjordan is gey13 days ago
  • The jazz question isn’t even that dumb it just means did the jazz play well or the the thunder play bad

    Eyas HamdanEyas Hamdan13 days ago
  • Nah bruh that “and.... I took that personally” is the best Jordan meme 😂😂😂

    Here 4 funHere 4 fun14 days ago
  • No who's Man's is this for Russ No, "and I took that personally" for MJ No Shaq shimmy

    drew everydaydrew everyday14 days ago
  • what about yao ming??

    Prasad SawantPrasad Sawant14 days ago
  • U should’ve got the mj stop it get some help meme.

    Ty WatsonTy Watson14 days ago
  • srsly no stop it, get some help and i took that presonally?

    RRRR15 days ago
  • You didn't even use the best Jordan meme. "And I took that personally"😥

    xtheman gg'sxtheman gg's15 days ago
  • I never realized how big Shaw was I tile I seen him pick up that water bottle😂

    Swf.JxyyskiiSwf.Jxyyskii15 days ago
  • Westbrook couldn't handle the philosophical question.

    J.P.NJ.P.N15 days ago
  • They said Michael... You will never be an everlasting iconic meme... And I took that personally...

    TryHard FinessedYouTryHard FinessedYou15 days ago
  • Hey hey hey 😐

    CoinzCoinz15 days ago
  • 6:22 shaq we gotta talk bout that hairline

    Jax EinzigJax Einzig16 days ago
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    Emily GriffinEmily Griffin16 days ago
  • I think Kawhi is genuinely a fun guy...If he's around the right people that he likes...Im also very different with people I know and trust compared to my public appearance

    FizZy _FizZy _16 days ago
  • what about MJ's "and I took it personall??

    מיכאל יערימיכאל יערי16 days ago
  • Wheres lebron and jr meme?

    『 』『 』16 days ago
  • Lol Who Df Rubbed Shaq Face like dat WDF

    David DawsonDavid Dawson17 days ago
  • "practice" deserves an honorable mention.

    JammastaJ23JammastaJ2317 days ago
  • where's nick young WHAT???

    Halleson SantosHalleson Santos18 days ago
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    Peter DraperPeter Draper18 days ago
  • Dude I cracked up throughout the vid lmao.. Good job

    Lj SoloLj Solo18 days ago
  • I giggled like a child through this video😂

    2A MANE2A MANE18 days ago
  • You picked the wrong Westbrook meme lol

    DB WorkshopDB Workshop18 days ago
  • odd...jason terry's meme I haven't seen once until today, let alone 10 times lol.

    Devin WoodsDevin Woods18 days ago
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    david whangdavid whang18 days ago
  • Leonard laugh is so painful.

    One up One downOne up One down18 days ago
  • Shaq is awsome

    K WoolfolkK Woolfolk18 days ago
  • Westbrooks’s reporter was trynna ask if they played bad or if the jazz played good to win it

    Joshua KimJoshua Kim19 days ago
  • I don’t know why people think the russel Westbrook question was dumb. He’s asking if they lost as in did they play bad that’s why they lost or if the jazz won as in did jazz just outplay you guys.

    Nathan MaravillaNathan Maravilla19 days ago
  • I'm here for Nick Young's WTF and Michael Jordon's Crying meme, I am disappointed.

    Ngai JonathanNgai Jonathan19 days ago
  • This nigga Kawhi said “hey hey hey” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Boss AttackBoss Attack19 days ago
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    TinaTina IvansIvansTinaTina IvansIvans19 days ago
  • and i took that personally

    Matěj UrbanecMatěj Urbanec19 days ago
  • I thought this was going to be a meme compilation

    Dhyey ParekhDhyey Parekh19 days ago
  • Kawhi’s 3rd meme sounds like the cop in Subway Surfers

    TZM IonicTZM Ionic19 days ago
  • Where is the "understandable, have a nice day" Shaq meme?

    MithicaMithica20 days ago
  • Kawhi has me dying 😂

    Junior QuarshieJunior Quarshie20 days ago
  • "Eheyahyeaaaahhyahahea" -Kawhi Leonard

    Terrell HollimanTerrell Holliman20 days ago
  • bruh how big are shaq's hands he held that bottle like a pebble

    Samuel HerreraSamuel Herrera20 days ago
  • This video: Haha funny meme guys Suggested video at the end: This guy DIED on the court

    Luis RoblesLuis Robles20 days ago
  • Westbrook aint being a meme Westbrook being just Westbrook

    Kadir RKadir R20 days ago
  • you forgot the "stop it , get some help" meme from micheal jordan

    MrBudaMrBuda20 days ago
  • Did you just say people recognize Zo more for his meme than his career? Not smart. Probably edit that out.

    DaveDave21 day ago
  • The Kawhi and Ibaka video was taken after Raptors Tittle not when Ibaka was announced to Clippers

    Omar SECKOmar SECK21 day ago