Sep 3, 2020
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If you thought NBA players like Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard or Wilt Chamberlain were dominant for their size, just wait until you hear the story of a near 7 foot, 500 pound monster named Troy “Escalade” Jackson. Being nicknamed after a vehicle isn’t an easy feat, but because of what Escalade was able to do in college at Louisville while also playing basketball for And-1 and the Harlem Globetrotters, he may have been an all-time great in the NBA if it weren’t for such a drastic ending to his career..
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  • The wheels came off the Escalade. Very sad. We can put a man on the moon...yet we can't find a way to help our own planet??? 😫

    ULI ULIULI ULI2 hours ago
  • RIP bro

    the kingthe king7 hours ago
  • Hes a big fella

    Story Time with Doreen - Puppet partyStory Time with Doreen - Puppet party17 hours ago
  • most healthy unhealthy man ever still a legend

    PWRGLDPWRGLD20 hours ago
  • *When procrastination goes too far*

    Energy807Energy80721 hour ago
  • Dang u got no chill with he big macs 🤣

    Energy807Energy80721 hour ago
  • I don’t think lebron would be scared of him.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Dutch Van der lindeDutch Van der lindeDay ago
  • We die because we fail, like our ancestors, to keep GODS commandments to live! DEUTERONOMY 28:1-68

    Alice HawkinsAlice HawkinsDay ago
  • But can shaq take him on 😯

    HuhHuhDay ago
  • Basically unathletic SHAQ😂

    Mark David MallorcaMark David MallorcaDay ago
  • Remember God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for our sins so that we can have everlasting life please repent and trust in him 🙏✔️

    shemar pierreshemar pierreDay ago
  • That’s an inspirational story 🐐💯👏🏾

    OffthewallQOffthewallQDay ago
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    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezDay ago
  • Im sorry , is this a Roast? 🤔

    Dirty DirtyDirty DirtyDay ago
  • i love one of his immediate questions is "what toilet does this man sit on".

    Lcheng125Lcheng1252 days ago
  • Monster vs stick man

    Headless AlienHeadless Alien2 days ago
  • I swear I came up on And 1 but never new Escalade was Mark Jackson brother

    Dominique MoodyDominique Moody2 days ago
  • He wasn’t 500 lbs He was 375

    LEONLEON2 days ago
  • Ur rude af

    Og YouthOg Youth2 days ago
  • What a sad 😭

    kingafendi kingafendikingafendi kingafendi2 days ago
  • Size doesn't matters

    kingafendi kingafendikingafendi kingafendi2 days ago

    Victor Latorre romeroVictor Latorre romero2 days ago
  • ayo i met professor at a nike store once that was cool

    Old PepperoniOld Pepperoni2 days ago
  • I’m 10 years old and 103 weight I am fat

    klvin loknauthklvin loknauth2 days ago
  • R.I.P

    xddreeder2311 Fxddreeder2311 F2 days ago
  • Childish disrespectful video. R.I.P. Escalade.

    Allik RellikAllik Rellik2 days ago
  • He do be fat do

    Ekilpz DripzEkilpz Dripz2 days ago
  • I was like my god why how would you be 500lb and play basketballs what is his shoe sise 50000000 USA yo 345566656565 shoes size wtf

    Jäck VidsJäck Vids2 days ago
  • This video is monsterous. Wow! Well done.🚜 This guy was a wonderful player.

    SAMURAI K9SSAMURAI K9S3 days ago

    Demario GordonDemario Gordon3 days ago
  • God bless

    Carson HinesCarson Hines3 days ago
  • This guy was like Magic but a 6.10 6.11 tall and ok with more kilos and did magic and great moves quick too RIP Troy you were awesome!!😥👍🙌👏

    Dim Val's GamesDim Val's Games3 days ago
  • He wasn't that athletic and ate himself to death. Was a legend tho RIP

    TishYouTishYou3 days ago
  • yes lets go i was the 70th k like yay

    Ben VlogsBen Vlogs3 days ago
  • What happens next is YT . He is BadlandsChugs now!!

    Brian AppleberryBrian Appleberry3 days ago
  • The challenge

    RadiicalRadiical3 days ago
  • Woah

    RadiicalRadiical3 days ago
  • Oh

    RadiicalRadiical3 days ago
  • This ain't shaq this is shack

    o0jalen0oo0jalen0o3 days ago
  • Charles Barkley is looking pretty weird nowadays

    bruhbruh3 days ago
  • Imagine he join the nfl

    Nigga withnovideoNigga withnovideo3 days ago
  • Why does he sound different in every video

    Justin RossJustin Ross3 days ago
  • literally died on my birthday wth

    Joshua KuzminskiJoshua Kuzminski3 days ago
  • Blah blah blah

    Zer0 C00lZer0 C00l3 days ago
  • Why is there more like than dislike on this video ? It's just about trashing a good guy for youtube fame for free !

    Splint3rb3nSplint3rb3n4 days ago
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    David LiDavid Li4 days ago
  • Rip Escalade May he Rest In Peace, power, paradise, and May he be remembered we miss u legend ❤️🙏🏻😭🕊

    AyeprettygoodAyeprettygood4 days ago
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  • Jesus man you kept flaming him😂

    DAVIDDAVID4 days ago
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    Navier GnatNavier Gnat4 days ago
  • Troy vs mugzy

    Thomas Le Dank EngineThomas Le Dank Engine4 days ago

  • here is the reason he looks good: they go easy on him for the show. end of story.

    QtaQta4 days ago
  • Dude even Shaq is scared

    Iceyfire 3200Iceyfire 32004 days ago
  • Rip

    Trenton peperaTrenton pepera4 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥✊🏽

    D WallD Wall4 days ago
  • Is this mean cus when fat people dance they dance good and funny

    Stoven 2.OStoven 2.O5 days ago
  • Wow sorry

    Victor SamuelsonVictor Samuelson5 days ago
  • Dam he play for Louisville.

    Yvonne WallaceYvonne Wallace5 days ago
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    Michael TangMichael Tang5 days ago
  • Biggie Bigs

    Eli jEli j5 days ago
  • 🌟👍💪

    Rita BonitaRita Bonita5 days ago
  • Everyone has seen highlights of escalade you dunmbass

    Aaron WellsAaron Wells5 days ago
  • I’m scared to be on a elevator with this man

    TXR subTXR sub5 days ago
  • if he can do that at 500lbs imagine what he could do at 280lbs

    BLM DaeBLM Dae5 days ago
  • did you even ask them if theyre afraid of anyone? total bullshit

    Mardoven AdapMardoven Adap5 days ago
  • Approximately 1000 Big Macs later. LOL

    Jas DaneJas Dane5 days ago
  • 🙏🙏🙏

    Yung TranYung Tran6 days ago
  • Ohhhh CJ my man

    user nameuser name6 days ago
  • How did I not know that was Mark Jackson’s brother ??? When he passed away I didn’t hear espn say anything about it

    Jus RellJus Rell6 days ago
  • This guys is too big like the NBA

    Jason Jack 125Jason Jack 1256 days ago
  • It is sad but he had should have stopped

    Tiernan HouleTiernan Houle6 days ago
  • Who else seen the professor

    Jeremiah SanonJeremiah Sanon6 days ago
  • I seriously can't tell if he is just joking anymore with the big macs anymore, "The same McDonalds he went to as a kid", did this guy waste all that talent on big macs?

    Bobe BobBobe Bob6 days ago
  • 🙏🏽

    Seneca LarrySeneca Larry7 days ago
  • Damn nigga, why you gotta roast his yee yee ass so hard bruh that’s some savagery to do 😂

    Haze XHaze X7 days ago
  • Why cant I make this build in 2k.

    DesitefulDesiteful8 days ago
  • What’s with the random videos of him dancing? 🤣

    Extreme Beast ReactionExtreme Beast Reaction8 days ago
  • He’s so fat, LeBron couldn’t block him because he couldn’t stop laughing 🤣

    Extreme Beast ReactionExtreme Beast Reaction8 days ago
  • killed by the big mac!

    Habazlam Bazaza the 2ndHabazlam Bazaza the 2nd8 days ago
  • He strikes me as a beautiful human being... the highest compliment an individual can get.. great video

    Timothy BurchettTimothy Burchett8 days ago
  • Zion in a few years

    BarkBark8 days ago
  • Wow too young smh,McDonald’s isn’t good for you is the message I take from this

    Nelson Mr 5 BoroughsNelson Mr 5 Boroughs8 days ago
  • Danm rip💔💔

    Leon PichonLeon Pichon8 days ago
  • Fat jokes got old after the 2nd minute ngl

    Hipster 101Hipster 1018 days ago
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    xJuan XDxJuan XD9 days ago
  • If biggie played b-ball

    Jayce RogersJayce Rogers9 days ago
  • A Beautifull human being.

    mang tomasmang tomas9 days ago
  • Wtf that took such an unexpected turn

    Karl Sold yuuKarl Sold yuu9 days ago

    TriMixTriMix9 days ago
  • I hope he knew the lord

    Derrion WatsonDerrion Watson10 days ago
  • Imagine if he was like 200 pounds and was in the nba with that handling and those skills he would be unstoppable

    Sam RawlesSam Rawles10 days ago
  • yo thats uh

    Daijha GillDaijha Gill10 days ago
  • Wtf dose he eat airplanes

    SantaNotKnownSantaNotKnown10 days ago
  • Dam 2x shaque

    Kristi DruvengaKristi Druvenga10 days ago
  • Mans telling the story and roasting tf out of him

    SEAR_TITAN_SEAR_TITAN_10 days ago
  • The creator of this video ripped Escalade every change he got. Dudes fat. Dude couldn’t move good no more. Dude fat. Dude needed to lose weigh. Dude went back to Big Macs. Dudes fat. Damn bro

    Dr FrogDr Frog11 days ago
  • Dude was one of the goats

    Fused curryFused curry11 days ago
  • Crazy this dude big yet got 99 dribbling

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki11 days ago