This NBA Player Died on The Court..

Dec 7, 2020
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The story of how Reggie Lewis is one of the most heartbreaking stories you will ever hear. He spent his entire life working his hardest to make it into the NBA, building a family, and helping his community all for it to be cut short. This video will explore all the choices he made that brought him to that fateful night.

  • They were sooooo creative with the kids names 😒but it’s sad the he died because he was sick😷🤧🤒🤕🏀🏀🏀⛹️⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🥇🥈🥉🏅🏆🎖🎟🎫

    Cool CadeCool Cade14 minutes ago
  • R.I.P

    ZOROZOROHour ago
  • R.I.P Rejie :(

    Clux YTClux YT4 hours ago
  • Truly wonderful Reggie legend❤ may your soul rest in peace

    Lil peep bgmLil peep bgm5 hours ago
  • Rip Len and Reggie

    Lil VonLil Von6 hours ago
  • This is best example of good people die fast. Good people gets taken away even though it seems that it's not their time yet. Same for my mom. Very nice, lovely, down to earth woman. Never even cussed someone even at someone's back. But who knew. She just died like how Reggie did.

    John nixter PerezJohn nixter Perez8 hours ago
  • Rip

    kahsir Lkahsir L8 hours ago
  • Reggie Reggie 😔

    JxstShonenJxstShonen9 hours ago
  • Hes the first to lock down mj

    Jamison PayneJamison Payne12 hours ago
  • Thats so sad. R.i.p a king.

    Sanaa lSanaa l12 hours ago
  • Imagine what he had to go through , he risked his life for his family , such an amazing man. May you rest in peace

    DeividasDeividas12 hours ago
  • The love.. From the bottom of his heart.. Deep pain.

    In.Tu.It. AuraIn.Tu.It. Aura14 hours ago
  • 2708 points are you insane

    KdGamesKdGames14 hours ago
    • 😶

      KdGamesKdGames14 hours ago

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  • Can’t stop watching rebound

    MrTenTenMrTenTen21 hour ago
  • It takes a single person's life for someone or a community or a whole country to change for good or bad. This why we must not take for granted the people who truly love us before it's too late. Rip.

    Just Do ItJust Do It21 hour ago
  • :(

    Wyatt McadamsWyatt McadamsDay ago
  • He's a true hero🙏🕊️

    Big D_hd hdBig D_hd hdDay ago
  • damn 2nd baby and the death of the daddy rip

  • This person commenting on this video is absolutely disgusting me even more so than Mr. Lewis Mother! He is so disrespectful and condescending UGH! Throw his ass out!!!!!

    Tangerine BearTangerine BearDay ago
  • Dude is wearing some sick Camo at 1:13

    Alexander JonesAlexander JonesDay ago
  • You mean koby is the best

    de crabde crabDay ago
  • Rest In Peace

    McMoyes04McMoyes04Day ago
  • YAHUAHS (GOD has a name) People, the so called Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans of today, the Israelites, a hardheaded People! Like our ancestors failed to keep The Commandments so do we today, so we die!

    Alice HawkinsAlice HawkinsDay ago
  • Damn... R.I.P 🙏🖤

    xSleazyxSleazyDay ago
  • His own jersey number was older than him when he died that sad wish he could of live till that age atleast

    The OGThe OGDay ago
  • So sad 😩

    Nate TurnerNate TurnerDay ago
  • I’m glad this hit 2.5M views Reggie deserves more credit

    AmxterxsuAmxterxsuDay ago
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    Rhat Kicks2Rhat Kicks2Day ago
  • Terrible mother. No excuses for his dam mother !

    Evelyn MarxEvelyn MarxDay ago
    • I don’t blame his wife for hating his mother. No one wants to be around an addict nothing worse than giving money to someone who’s just going to waste that money on drugs.

      Evelyn MarxEvelyn MarxDay ago
  • damn this video kept coming in my recommendation even tho im an nhl fan but this.... this actually made me cry rip to him

    ExtensiveExtensiveDay ago
  • nice vid buddy

    Eye DrxbbleEye DrxbbleDay ago
  • 😞 Kobe,Reggie Lewis, and more, have died let’s take a Moment of silence for all, god bless you guys stay safe

    Happy_wave 3Happy_wave 3Day ago
  • F

    Sean Rikki OcceñaSean Rikki Occeña2 days ago
  • Actually Wayne Gretzky is the greatest athlete of all time.

    NicholasA1210NicholasA12102 days ago
  • Rip :(

    Zach GoldZach Gold2 days ago
  • RIP

    Amal FaalAmal Faal2 days ago
  • R.I.P Reggie

    Irmuun UlziisaikhanIrmuun Ulziisaikhan2 days ago
  • What a great man.

    Cat WeazleCat Weazle2 days ago
  • I cried

    • Not be by i was like dman he died on court thats sad

      Kevin The sevenKevin The seven5 hours ago
  • 11 doctors agreed AND HIS WIFE found doctors to clear him, AND HIS WIFE decided not to pay Reggie's mom's health insurance ... we gotta be good to our parents, since God said so

    NameCallingIsWeakNameCallingIsWeak2 days ago
  • Jordan is NOT the greatest NBA Player, that is Wilt, or Mr. Russell

    jeff kempjeff kemp2 days ago
    • Michael jordan kobe Bryant kevin Durant lebron james those are pretty Good In my opinion

      Kevin The sevenKevin The seven5 hours ago
  • No

    Uriah MorelandUriah Moreland2 days ago
  • So, they’re just going to let him stand fully out of bounds while touching the ball? Ref in clear sight of the play doesn’t blow the whistle? (.....pause) 2:28

    out4delfout4delf2 days ago
  • wow this gave me chills, the way you say it was very touching, good job

    Mark GhattasMark Ghattas2 days ago
  • mannn im not crying you are

    Wilber AlfaroWilber Alfaro2 days ago
  • He’s in a better place now...

    GodGod2 days ago
    • yes...

      klvin loknauthklvin loknauth2 days ago
  • Longest 18 minutes and 40 seconds of my life and I have no regrets.

    DayTimeFox80DayTimeFox802 days ago
  • Is it just me that thinks he looks a bit like flight?

    Kareem HawalyKareem Hawaly2 days ago
    • @Spiritual jay I'm just sayin he looked like him, im not trying to say any other thing, and rip to the player, i didnt mean anything bad to either of them, if u thinked so, im sorry

      Kareem HawalyKareem Hawaly2 days ago
    • That’s not funny

      Spiritual jaySpiritual jay2 days ago
  • I wish this was a movie

    Ggboyfire x2Ggboyfire x22 days ago
  • wow, this reminds e a little about Kobe, even tho Kobe was already retired, he still had four young daughters...

    Yomel CaraballoYomel Caraballo2 days ago
  • I’m from Boston and he was my favorite player after Bird retired

    The VikingThe Viking2 days ago
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    Samuel KimSamuel Kim2 days ago
  • He done everything to get his fam out the hood, and because of his selfish woman got in his head,got his money, and his fam ended up right back in the hood

    Strife The WiseStrife The Wise2 days ago
  • ☹️I remember growing up in Chicago in the 90's and we would play Boston and I can remember this guy giving my team (the Bulls), hell of trouble and I would get mad and curse and wish death on the team. I had to be about 5 didn't know no better and now I regret saying those words. So be careful what you say and how you treat people because life is to short to be ignorant.

  • It wasnt the murder capital

    Strife The WiseStrife The Wise2 days ago
  • He looks like lil nas x

    Morahim KhanMorahim Khan2 days ago
  • What a very sad story, his wife is a beautiful strong lady doing everything that Reggie would have wanted her to do.

    Melanie WalkerMelanie Walker2 days ago
  • 🙏🙏👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

    Karen WalshKaren Walsh2 days ago
  • This could’ve been 10 minutes lol

    EZWOLFYEZWOLFY2 days ago
  • Rest in peace kind soul 😪

    Julie WilliamsJulie Williams2 days ago
  • this was such a well put together video

    Benjamin EliaBenjamin Elia2 days ago
  • This almost made me cry (i didn't regret watching this)

    NungarayCoversNungarayCovers2 days ago
  • 😭😭 why why

    Jaydon HartJaydon Hart2 days ago
  • rip reggie 🕊❤️

    mks worldmks world2 days ago
  • 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Tae3x Got swagTae3x Got swag3 days ago
  • Yes this is a not clickbaiter

    Cameronandtres2 extrasCameronandtres2 extras3 days ago
  • To make the story short his family kill him...

    Speed DemonSpeed Demon3 days ago

    tocxdentocxden3 days ago
    • I never know him until I watch these videos

      klvin loknauthklvin loknauth2 days ago
    • @klvin loknauth actually that makes sense. but idk he was a legend in the making surprise I don't hear abt him more often

      tocxdentocxden2 days ago
    • Me to Maybe because I’m too young lol

      klvin loknauthklvin loknauth2 days ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭legends fly high...

    Ooo LeezyOoo Leezy3 days ago
  • Baltimore md I live there

    EdwinGamez AyalaEdwinGamez Ayala3 days ago
  • You should be a director or producer or whatever, this wasn't just s video it was a movie! Rip Reggie Lewis!😭😭

    Miguel VilledaMiguel Villeda3 days ago
  • He's up there with everyone from the great ol 27 club

    L KL K3 days ago
  • Rip Reggie 😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Supreme TalksSupreme Talks3 days ago
  • After I heard that he blocked Michael Jordan I was like yup he legend

    R.D.G PlayzzR.D.G Playzz3 days ago
  • This why I smoke the best bud every day. Never know wen it's your day. Death is the only thing life promises us...

    Who IsrealWho Isreal3 days ago
  • In my opinion I think reggie’s storie was the saddest :(

    Christopher El-khouriChristopher El-khouri3 days ago
    • Lol it wa s the only story:/

      Christopher El-khouriChristopher El-khouri3 days ago
  • But 5hey said he died on court but it said he died in the hospital

    Christopher El-khouriChristopher El-khouri3 days ago
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    Are TenAre Ten3 days ago
  • You right this felt like a movie but they SHOULD make a movie about this

    MADGAMER 1310MADGAMER 13103 days ago
  • This almost had me in tears 😭 💕

    Bali BookingsBali Bookings3 days ago
  • Than you for making this, there is always something new to learn.

    martie 1234martie 12343 days ago
  • This feels like a movie

    ItzBlueRoseItzBlueRose3 days ago
  • dude whats the song in 16:29?

    MaevenMaeven3 days ago
  • To the 1k people who down voted this. YOU ARE MONSTERS!!!

    Crypto QManCrypto QMan3 days ago
  • The fact that Reggie never got to see his momma go clean makes me sad asf

  • I like how they change after reggies death.. Momma peggy and donating

    Angelbert Martinez LoyloyAngelbert Martinez Loyloy3 days ago
  • The way he narrator the story make this video more emotional.

    Amirul AimanAmirul Aiman3 days ago

  • RIP reggie lewis

    ItamarItamar3 days ago
  • Why did this 18 minute video seem like an hour long documentary? Good content

    ShawtyLuhMe_ 04ShawtyLuhMe_ 043 days ago
  • Y’all ever heard or Zeke upshaw

    Shaun RajputShaun Rajput3 days ago
  • Poor dude died at the age of 27 I feel bad

    KevinKevinnn RobloxKevinKevinnn Roblox3 days ago
  • 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Death DawgDeath Dawg3 days ago
  • Damn this almost made me cry.

    Memory InfinityMemory Infinity3 days ago
  • R.I.P true legend ❤

    Isaac GallegosIsaac Gallegos3 days ago
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    Renae MaliaRenae Malia3 days ago
  • R.I.P

    Aldo FrayreAldo Frayre3 days ago