This Video Will Make You Feel Poor..

Dec 23, 2020
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All I’m trying to say is, if this video doesn’t make you feel poor.. I don’t think anything will..

  • Floyd Mayweather's watch costs as much as shaqs house

    TobiTobi32 minutes ago
  • Doesn’t make me feel poor just know who to rob

    chris gallanchris gallanHour ago
  • bro that 18mil watch look thicc ass hell is so big

    Halun ZulfikarlHalun ZulfikarlHour ago
  • It reminds me all that comes to no use when he dies. Nothing goes with him..

    Farhan bookFarhan book2 hours ago
  • 4:13 crazy how that pool is bigger than my house

    Mind GamingMind Gaming2 hours ago
  • Shaqs house is crazy

    Madden ManMadden Man2 hours ago
  • I don't poor. I feel great for them.😎😎😎

    Jonathan ChanJonathan Chan3 hours ago
  • Facts

    BrokenLuvXay-_-BrokenLuvXay-_-5 hours ago
  • Nobody is poor. If you are a good person u are not poor. U are rich inside.

    Kirk GonzagaKirk Gonzaga13 hours ago
  • Look the LeBron James one didn’t make me feel poor because I’m a big fan and he is the second best player in nba history so he has to be rich and i support it

    Janay MooreJanay Moore13 hours ago
  • 1:14 I dont feel poor Cause I'm already poor

    notice aqunotice aqu14 hours ago
  • Hi

    water turtlewater turtle17 hours ago
  • The crock skin in Australia is not expensive and if u have a 22 then free

    HarlenHarlen19 hours ago
  • Wow even snake have mansion

    VactouzVactouz21 hour ago
  • Mr Beast is on the verge of beating Shaq's record of 70000 dollars at walmart😂

    Manas JoshiManas Joshi23 hours ago
  • I feel like i live in a 1 inch cardboard box

    Aidan ShoyinkaAidan ShoyinkaDay ago
  • Not one bit

    WTS_LxzerGxnWTS_LxzerGxnDay ago
  • Tbh, that boy sure has money but where's that money gonna be when he dies? :| like its only a temporary memory, other than that, its legit nothing. Where da money gonna be when you in yo grave cuh?

    sifaw da mansifaw da manDay ago
  • Dwayne Wade: 4 million Dollars on shoes. Me: Grateful That I can spend 40 bucks on shoes this time at the store.

  • I don’t get why they need multiple fancy cars and watches- they all have one purpose a car to get from point a to point b and a watch to tell time.

    Gaming J.A.CGaming J.A.CDay ago
  • My mom wouldn’t even buy 10$ shoes

    Kadidia HaidaraKadidia HaidaraDay ago
  • bill gates...... ill mkae you feel poor

    8309master8309masterDay ago
  • 1:32 did he say Gay Room? I'm saying, he could have said his little Birl I mean Goy I mean Heer or Shim hell i don't know

    Moe MoeMoe MoeDay ago
  • I live in a trailer but has 18 Acres

    Chyna KnightChyna KnightDay ago
  • I'm not scared of your snakes I have 50000

    Chyna KnightChyna KnightDay ago
  • LeBron James is your trass

    Football King WilsonFootball King WilsonDay ago
    • I’m so cute

      Football King WilsonFootball King WilsonDay ago
  • this doesn’t make me feel poor it just reminds me that i am smart with my money

    NxvaNxva2 days ago
  • Wow mj richer than fm (floyd)

    Blade RunnerBlade Runner2 days ago
  • It actually inspires me

    Tommy LikesTommy Likes2 days ago
  • Floyd’s chains look to big for him😂😂

    Hamster Clout5Hamster Clout52 days ago
  • so what if i care

    Rodolfo De LeonRodolfo De Leon2 days ago
  • D Wade’s 32 mil mansion comes with hurricane too

    Steve UrkelSteve Urkel2 days ago
  • It doesn’t make me feel poor it just reminds me that I’m a human being

    Alipate FotofiliAlipate Fotofili2 days ago
  • That’s white privilege that gave him all that

    robert nelsonrobert nelson2 days ago
  • It's all good id rather have my soul and go to heaven 😌

    Joel BarkerJoel Barker2 days ago
  • idc About mansions i love my own life i like my house just how it is because it feels like home

    QuickDraze-GamingQuickDraze-Gaming2 days ago
  • Stop it killing me

    F3AR _F3AR _2 days ago
  • Mayweather: "I got 9 toys right here."

    01 Caleb Josiah Adriano01 Caleb Josiah Adriano3 days ago
  • I couldn't finish before my computer shorted from tears.

    asad shoatzasad shoatz3 days ago
  • it doesn’t matter if your rich it matters if you have a house and a family

    Clapz GamingClapz Gaming3 days ago
  • Doesn’t make me feel poor, I’m just motivated how much money ima get

    Clapz GamingClapz Gaming3 days ago
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    Little DudeLittle Dude3 days ago
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    Are TenAre Ten3 days ago
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    Paul FaducciPaul Faducci3 days ago
  • Dwanes shoes are more than my house

    Deanna IngrahamDeanna Ingraham3 days ago
  • An SLR McLaren is DEFINITELY not worth 2mil

    Music n ThingzMusic n Thingz3 days ago
  • This just motivated me even more

    Oversensitive_SocietyOversensitive_Society3 days ago
  • Why does it need to make me feel poor when I'm already poor

    I_mtheoneI_mtheone3 days ago
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    Liz RamirezLiz Ramirez3 days ago
  • Floyd is rich, jordan is wealthy

    ConcreteRose_tvConcreteRose_tv3 days ago
  • I’m already poor though...

    Braxton BrownBraxton Brown3 days ago
  • This didn't make me feel poor it made me feel the poorest

    GrimXDGrimXD4 days ago
  • The Dwayne wade shoes feels like it’s going to get robbed right away

    VOIDVOID4 days ago
  • hah u tought im not poor our mansion have it like that but with a 130k kitchen oof

    Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman4 days ago
  • Shaq killed me lol with the Walmart bit

    Nabil AdenNabil Aden4 days ago
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    TinaTina IvansIvansTinaTina IvansIvans4 days ago
  • bro who would wanna wipe theire ass with money

    KorlootKorloot4 days ago
  • Jokes on you I am poor!

    notthereal billybobthortonnotthereal billybobthorton4 days ago
  • imagine wasting money

    Wade WalshWade Walsh4 days ago
  • Imagine anyone of there home got on fire he will lose billions of dollar’s

    VX DXBVX DXB4 days ago
    • Fax yo

      CuqyCuqy3 days ago
  • 1:49 Built in aerodynamics LOLOL wtf

    eyeonlifeeyeonlife4 days ago
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    Hubbard DarrelHubbard Darrel4 days ago
  • Wow ma man this is not rich its dumb

    senju tsenju t4 days ago
  • u can buy a bugatti chiron for 4million . man people have so much money

  • Travis Scott made a music video at Michael Jordan's house

    Phoebe Losika Oagile-MotsoPhoebe Losika Oagile-Motso5 days ago
  • The most expensive watch I bought was 99bucks its not even 0.0000000001 percent of floyed watch

    Meme ReviewMeme Review5 days ago
  • Neh Is To Risky

    Moutasim MacaalinMoutasim Macaalin5 days ago
  • pov: you have only have seen his kitchen and amazed about the rest of his house

    Nikhilsingh shokeenNikhilsingh shokeen5 days ago
  • This Doesn't make me feel poor it's just that I'm not spoiled!

    Malek BerryMalek Berry5 days ago
    • they are not spolied they made that money themselves lol

      Kaylee RobertsKaylee Roberts4 days ago
  • Dwayne has shoes worth more than his car Lol

    Miroslaw B.Miroslaw B.5 days ago
  • This makes me be try to be successful

    Ezra RiveraEzra Rivera5 days ago
  • Me flexing my candy at school

    Wolfy_Wolfy_5 days ago
  • Dis dude funny

    Nakye MileyNakye Miley6 days ago
  • Ewwww I'm so pooor

    Nakye MileyNakye Miley6 days ago
  • 2:24 me in gta

    Cake ManCake Man6 days ago
  • i habe 400,000

    Mr Khadar MohamedMr Khadar Mohamed6 days ago
  • I’m not Rick or poor I’m medium

  • Hey they worked for this stuff and we’re the best congrats

    Thomas RogersThomas Rogers6 days ago
  • 4:08 i already live in a box

    CurtisknowsbestCurtisknowsbest6 days ago
  • Rip mamba

    XillerXiller6 days ago
  • im not rich but im not poor either

    Jeremiah TigerJeremiah Tiger7 days ago
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    los angellos angel7 days ago
  • It does not make me feel poor because I am rich

    Cooper MuenchenCooper Muenchen7 days ago
  • I’m not rich but I got millons

    Isabell TVIsabell TV7 days ago
  • 2 mill is nothing for him

    blahblashblacksheep12jelly4 blackblahblashblacksheep12jelly4 black7 days ago
  • wtf how maney houses dose he need god rich pepole

    blahblashblacksheep12jelly4 blackblahblashblacksheep12jelly4 black7 days ago
  • I am poor 😮

    Billie Eilish fanBillie Eilish fan7 days ago
  • Its not about being rich its about being happy According to roman reigns Believe that

    solomon mccleansolomon mcclean7 days ago
  • I have 999999999 milin

    Racine Montessori SchoolRacine Montessori School8 days ago
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    John LeeJohn Lee8 days ago
  • So what if I’m alsleep by watching this?

    Xander CarltonXander Carlton8 days ago
  • 6:57 lol

    CashymoneyCashymoney8 days ago
  • Did he reveal his face???

  • Oh yeah jordan owns a nascar team

    Big boy GamingBig boy Gaming8 days ago
  • I bet MrBeast already beat that 70,000 dollars spent in one night

    AyeeeAyeee8 days ago
  • You should do Elion musk and Bill Gates. Houses and garages!.?.

    Jolly rancher treeJolly rancher tree9 days ago
  • WOW

    hockeydude19CPR CPRhockeydude19CPR CPR9 days ago
  • 0:46 cj so cool be like im coping them -_-

    NobodyツNobodyツ9 days ago
  • It’s all gangster until someone gets robbed

    MikeTownesGamingMikeTownesGaming9 days ago
    • Lol true

      Chance BoucherChance Boucher8 days ago
  • More bathrooms then there is bedrooms Shaquille O’Neal

    Kate PulitoKate Pulito9 days ago