Who NBA Players Think Is MVP

Jul 31, 2020
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In today's Rebound Central video, we take an in-depth look at NBA players, past and present, and their thoughts on who should be MVP for this shortened season...
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  • Has anyone thought that the simsons said they'll be a bubble 😲

    Dkayy MuniDkayy Muni3 days ago
  • The really mvp of Nba Is our big fella boban

    Thomas CoragliaThomas Coraglia5 days ago
  • I like how every time Giannas or LeBron video comes on of 5em blocking some one it’s always KD

    SydthesquidSydthesquid14 days ago
  • The real mvp bring a team in finals and win championships. Lebron is the real mvp

    Men CarloMen Carlo25 days ago
  • Giannis has better stats and analytics than Lebron . He outplayed everyone in the regular season. 2020 was well deserved . It wasn't close

    Random DudeRandom DudeMonth ago
  • LeBron is the real MVP bruh... He even gone to the finals when he was just 22 years old, He had won 4 finals, 4 finals MVP, 4 MVP... Giannis can't even lift his team to the finals even though he has the best teammates unlike LeBron when he was on his first finals versus San Antonio Spurs. LeBron doesn't even care about an MVP, he just keep aiming to win, on the other side, Giannis is just a jerk, just dunks and doing aside from nothing, and also can't even defeat Zion Williamson... Case Close

    Lyrics HoopsLyrics HoopsMonth ago
  • I hate that your thumbnail is fake

    KhaledGamer411KhaledGamer4112 months ago
  • While lebron going on with lakers and beat houston 4-1.. And advanced to the final.. And again while giannis watch lebron playing the final at his home sitting in his cough

    Văn Hưng ĐỗVăn Hưng Đỗ3 months ago
  • Y’all are crazy: bol bol is winning roy, dpoy, coy and mvp

    Anna RiveradeAnna Riverade3 months ago
  • LeBron James got robbed MVP he was the most valuable player to any team no matter who he played with but to do this in the West on the Lakers legendary

    James RedmondJames Redmond3 months ago
  • The lakers won the chip and Danny green missed a game winner in game 4 but still won in game 5

    CommanderGlizzyCommanderGlizzy4 months ago
  • never thought about it like that, Jordan is like Mike Tyson, burned out quicker than we thought he would, Lebron is like Foreman, came back late in his age and won Championship of the world, Lebron would have been like Muhammad Ali instead of Tyson IF he had won more rings during his longer stay, Giannis is like Deontay Wilder, powerful as fuck and a new Superpower, but he has yet to prove himself over time to see what that power translates to, and lastly I'm like Spongebob, annoying as fuck and square. Lebron is like a new statistic, sure he doesnt have rings like Bill Russell but this new era proves that you dont need 6 rings to be the amazing, you do need rings though, but it doesnt have to be 2 3Peats, we have to adapt and modernize our view, this isn't the 90s, Steph Curry isn't Larry Bird, they have greater impact not because they are the best shooters or more powerful but look at how they impact new players, Jordan stayed with the Bulls and prevented many great players from getting rings, Lebron is the opposite of that, he moved to many teams, improving each one as he passes through them, his shoes aren't as succesful as Jordan but he isn't a classic Capitalist, he's moving the game forward in a new way, Jordan on the Wizards did nothing compared to Lebron at the same period even though Jordan was still very skilled on that team, but he was very selfish play wise. You don't need that psychotic competitive edge to be the best, you do need love for the game though, and you cant deny Lebron that, you don't get that feeling from lebron where "he has nothing to prove anymore", Jordan once said "When I lose, the sense of motivation to prove something as a basketball player, it's time for me to move away from the game of basketball" etc. is something you will never hear from Lebron. He has nothing to prove, he is doing it for the love of the game, he takes care of his body instead of burning it out like Jordan because he's married to the game and is thinking about his wife long term, and that has a greater impact that cant really be measured by statistics.

    Adel JAdel J4 months ago
  • Giannis won MVP but he still didn’t win a championship and look at Lebron!! Lebrons won another championship and got finals MVP!!

    Dead by RoyaleDead by Royale4 months ago
  • It amazes me how disrespected Lebron is. This man should have two more MVP’s. In 2018 he absolutely carried the Cavs through the mud and put up one of the best one-man playoff stretches of all time. Definitely out performing James Harden. 2019 James should have won it. He averaged 36pts per game... that’s all I need to say. Look at all the other MVP’s throughout NBA history, everyone of them who averaged more then 35 pts have won it. And no disrespect to Giannis, but Lebron should have won it over him this year aswell. People love to talk about Giannis’s PER and player efficiency, but stats are so overlooked in today’s game. They don’t mean EVERYTHING. And clearly that is the case after watching an underdog team in the Miami Heat absolutely bust the breaks off of the Milwaukee Bucks

    MishDaBishMishDaBish4 months ago
  • NBA MVP SELECTION CHANGED: its unfair to the player who reach to the FINALS as a candidate for MVP....like LEBRON.

    Jhun ManaloJhun Manalo4 months ago
  • Giannis not desrve to be MVP ... The NBA must changed there choice until the candidate players team reach to the finals.

    Jhun ManaloJhun Manalo4 months ago
  • LeBron begged AD to come join him so he could actually play in the West😂😂

    Andrew ToddAndrew Todd4 months ago
    • @harel hoshea I think LeBron should left Cleveland once kd joined the warriors prolly could have a game 7 finals Vs kd

      Benjamin JasonBenjamin Jason2 months ago
    • Nah lebrom wanted AD cause if he was alone it would be the cavs story all over again no matter what team hi is against he is still the best player on the court but he was alone

      harel hosheaharel hoshea3 months ago
  • Age has absolutely nothing to do with being an MVP.

    Andrew ToddAndrew Todd4 months ago
  • Everybody knew Giannis was going to be MVP.

    Andrew ToddAndrew Todd4 months ago
  • Labon is most definitely the MVP and paul pierce is a wounded little boy, whom I feel sorry for. But maybe, with some psychological help, he may one day become a wounded grown-up !!!

    Michael O. JohnsonMichael O. Johnson4 months ago
    • Poor poor paul pierce.

      Michael O. JohnsonMichael O. Johnson4 months ago
  • How come Giannis become MVP and now he is only watching Lebron playing in the Final. Even in Eastern conference the Giannis team was knockout. They have the 7 footer brothers, Robin & Brook Lopez, the deadly Khris Middleton, the shooter Ersan Ilyasova, George Hill and Eric Bledsoe. Common, tell me why the MVP failed? Because he is not orchestrating..Lebron is the loudest and very vocal to his team mates about winning. Lebron 17th season and he is the league assists leader.

    Carlos EspinaCarlos Espina4 months ago
    • They have no choice but to give LBJ

      Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards4 months ago
  • Lebron no question

    Lil jefeLil jefe4 months ago
  • Lebron is The Real 2020 MVP💪 Giannis is The Losser😰

    jon jon tojon jon to4 months ago
    • 🤡

      Arvid NojdArvid Nojd4 months ago
  • Someone comments here thanks for AD carrying lebron ,.. wtf man .. AD will have his 1st appearance in finals.. and lebron ???

    Tj MangulabTj Mangulab4 months ago
    • Those people need to stay away from drugs who said that bullshit

      Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards4 months ago
  • I hate this guy's thumbnails bro

    Mr. SevenMr. Seven5 months ago
  • Stop hating on Lebron in your titles

    Joe HarcarufkaJoe Harcarufka5 months ago
  • Lebron deserve mvp

    Clarence GilbuenaClarence Gilbuena5 months ago
  • Damn this guy's are numb.. they don't even think "what if" lebron and giannis swap teams.. what can lebron even do to Milwaukee.. can he even carry the Milwaukee bucks like giannis is doing.. watch how giannis play bruh, he's everywhere in the court,. Offense and defense..

    kurome 05kurome 055 months ago
    • @Al-Ghuraba there's a difference between carrying a solid rock and carrying a piece of paper..

      kurome 05kurome 055 months ago
    • Lebron is 35 bruh, calm down. Anyway where are the Bucks in the play offs and finals? -_-

      Al-GhurabaAl-Ghuraba5 months ago
  • Lillard talks sense

    Daniella daniellaDaniella daniella5 months ago
  • AD did better offensively and defensively

    Brian BeardsleyBrian Beardsley5 months ago
  • I’m scrolling through the comments but let’s be real. Giannis is kinda overrated

    EYE_Zayah23EYE_Zayah235 months ago
    • Ofc he is overrated he is good but not as good as bron

      harel hosheaharel hoshea3 months ago
  • Giannis is great huh? Say that to the miami heat right now

    EdZzYTEdZzYT5 months ago
  • So if you’re older and the assist leader in the nba, you should win the mvp award? Hunnnn!

    charles oyibocharles oyibo5 months ago
  • worst take rebound central

    Ternate West NHSTernate West NHS5 months ago
  • I think if Lebron wins the mvp race this 2020 maybe Hes the Goat..and Overcame Micheal Jordan and other..great player.thats my opinion.

    JC Travel ExperienceJC Travel Experience5 months ago
  • Lebron do that with a lot of all star with him... Not by him alone...

    Adriano Jr. RabuyaAdriano Jr. Rabuya5 months ago
  • Wtf nba mvp giannis mangga gonggong Nba giannis mvp ? Wtf

    junixmaxx TVjunixmaxx TV5 months ago
  • I justhave a question! When lebron is over, whos gonna be the next star if they dont give chances to other good player to shine! There are many good player like lebron in NBA, but because they are just focused on one star the others are not allow to shine! NBA , awesome player beside lebron! Davis, carruso have been part of lakers success not only lebron! But we are just hear lebron name and nobody else care about the rest of team! It time to let other shine! Jordan is out, kobe is gone, others player gotta get their chance! And I love lebron! 🥰

    Yissel YnfanteYissel Ynfante5 months ago
    • What u said is true but when u are a great play it speaks loudly.......it have good young players in d NBA but Lebron is simply d best in this era

      Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards4 months ago
  • Who's here after they knew that giannis became the MVP AGAIN

    TheUnknownGuyTheUnknownGuy5 months ago
  • Thanks

    Cedric HarperCedric Harper5 months ago
  • Really dissapointing, don't get what r the carateristics to choose an MVP! But Lebron is way far the Best player of this season and all time. He should be nominated MVP...

    Lee MedLee Med5 months ago
  • Meanwhile Giannis is home watching d king James play🤣🤣

    Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards5 months ago
    • @Sakismichail Michail 🤣....but he deserves it, anybody else to get that is gonna be AD nobody else

      Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards4 months ago
    • @Duane Edwards Nah,I'll pass

      Sakismichail MichailSakismichail Michail4 months ago
    • @Sakismichail Michail 🤔🤨....hail king James

      Duane EdwardsDuane Edwards4 months ago
    • Thanks to AD carrying the Lakers.. ...

      Sakismichail MichailSakismichail Michail4 months ago
  • giannis is the mvp, dam

    Satya DivaSatya Diva5 months ago
  • wade ?????????????lebron -MVP. GOAT

    Batmira KhanBatmira Khan5 months ago

    Reynald MonteroReynald Montero5 months ago
  • Backfighter dwayne wade!

    Carla TolentinoCarla Tolentino5 months ago
  • Lebron mvp

    Rex CahiligRex Cahilig5 months ago
  • Mvp lebron james.

    Nice TolangNice Tolang5 months ago
  • Paul Pierce still bitter with lebron leading heat beating them boston.

    Tupe PHTupe PH5 months ago
  • lebron james most valuable player, can cary his team to conference final, other contenders bokya, my opinion lang po.

    Pete EPete E5 months ago
    • Giannis is better tho

      FRoSTy -_-FRoSTy -_-Month ago
  • Mvp lebron

    Jemson PielagoJemson Pielago5 months ago
  • Denver Lakers n ngaun

    Benhur CabayaoBenhur Cabayao5 months ago
  • Better talo nga sa miami Giannis olol

    Benhur CabayaoBenhur Cabayao5 months ago
  • Ebron 😆

    Manolis DimarhosManolis Dimarhos5 months ago
  • Overrated player giannis

    que paso que pasoque paso que paso5 months ago
  • Now look wade , about giannes easy to erease heat ur former tm.

    Richelle AlvarezRichelle Alvarez5 months ago
  • Wade is right though...

    Kelton HarrisKelton Harris5 months ago
  • Lebron mvp

    angela viloriaangela viloria5 months ago
  • lebron fanboy

    Echo MikeEcho Mike5 months ago
  • LeBron

    Chris IjadeleChris Ijadele5 months ago
  • 0:05 different 🤨?

    Chris IjadeleChris Ijadele5 months ago
  • While lebron going on with lakers and beat houston 4-1.. And advanced to the final.. And again while giannis watch lebron playing the final at his home sitting in his cough

    Zochhuanawma ZoteZochhuanawma Zote5 months ago
    • @Tj Mangulab an assist counts when your teammate scores.U can assist too so it depends on your teammate if he scores which of all the assisting is easier than shooting a 3 or midrange shoot or rebounding among tall players or even blocking a dunk.

      Sakismichail MichailSakismichail Michail4 months ago
    • @Sakismichail Michail only in assist ? Are you watching every single game ? Assist makes points too 😊

      Tj MangulabTj Mangulab4 months ago
    • @Tj Mangulab that's funny,would have said the same lebron being carried by AD and winning another chip even though lebron isn't the best player on the team leading ONLY in assists and AD in every other category.

      Sakismichail MichailSakismichail Michail4 months ago
    • @Sakismichail Michail thank AD ? Or thanks to lebron for making AD his first appearance in finals ??

      Tj MangulabTj Mangulab4 months ago
    • LeBron should thank AD for carrying the Lakers to the finals....just saying

      Sakismichail MichailSakismichail Michail4 months ago
  • I don't know, but I want Derrick Rose to win 6th man lol.

    Kieran CrockettKieran Crockett5 months ago
  • Linron MVP.

    Arman EspinosaArman Espinosa5 months ago
  • lebron curry lebron kd lebron harden lerbon westbrook lebron giannis lerbon always comes second consistent HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    Reei suuReei suu5 months ago
    • haha..that means hes always on top..

      Rey Anthony YapeRey Anthony Yape5 months ago
  • Heat in 5, eliminates Bucks! Hunting season is officially OVER! So is the contest of MVP :D King will be crowned again!

    Nilesh RanjanNilesh Ranjan5 months ago
    • giannis the king going back to back mvp. let’s get ittttttt

      Markos KritisMarkos Kritis5 months ago
  • if wre goin by age this vince carters year man

    Finn MutucFinn Mutuc5 months ago
  • Akumpo is literally 88ft tall

    Vizonz FearVizonz Fear5 months ago
  • Lebron is the mvp. I mean whos the 2nd best player in the east? Especially without kd

    aldrin de jesusaldrin de jesus5 months ago
  • Giannis deserved it just shut up.

    Emmanuel Yman PulidoEmmanuel Yman Pulido5 months ago
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Sammy from AlabamySammy from Alabamy5 months ago
  • u always put lbj in mvp realtalk harden is better this season than lebron but is better giannis that why hi is mvp now

    roy john lou guzonroy john lou guzon5 months ago

    Adan MartinezAdan Martinez5 months ago
  • Boban is mvp

    Da LoraxDa Lorax5 months ago
  • Lebron mvp

    shiela bajamundeshiela bajamunde5 months ago
  • 👑 JAMES MVP 🐐 man

    King meKing me5 months ago
  • LeBron MVP

    Emilyn EviotaEmilyn Eviota6 months ago
  • I think lebron will win finals MVP

    Joshua GarciaJoshua Garcia6 months ago
  • Walang yabang si Lebron. Hnd naghahabol sa MVP.

    Jirom4 FabulJirom4 Fabul6 months ago
  • Why don't you ask LeBrons friends?

    Sam H.Sam H.6 months ago
  • basically asked the whole lakers squad and u expect what results

    Stefan VujasinovićStefan Vujasinović6 months ago
  • Naingit na naman c Wade kay Lebron James kung hindi sa kanya hindi ka makaktikim ng Champion!

    oscar de jesusoscar de jesus6 months ago
    • Mas nauna nagchamp si wade Kay lbj,

      prince pajarilloprince pajarillo5 months ago
    • Bugok! Nanalo n si wade bago pumunta si lebron sa miami. Nauna pa si wade kay lebron manalo ng Championship. Bugok!!

      Frederic SaldanaFrederic Saldana6 months ago
    • Sure??? Kasi sa pagka alam ku . Nag champion na c wade sa miama kasama sa O’neal bagp pa c Lebron lumipat sa miami. Tsk2

      Kuya EbongzKuya Ebongz6 months ago
  • When the league chooses the one of the oldest players in Lebron and one of the youngest players in Giannis, and forgets about James Harden as the Middle Man

    Noah DavisNoah Davis6 months ago
  • Ofcourse the coaches will literally tell them dat they think they're gonna win the mvp award LIKE to vote for LBJ COMMENT to vote For the GREAK FREAK

    Kirito KirigayaKirito Kirigaya6 months ago
    • Akumpo is literally 15'6

      Anna RiveradeAnna Riverade3 months ago
  • I mean what about harden

    Vincent’s gamingVincent’s gaming6 months ago
  • You insulted us putting Perkins opinion on here.

    112coachatc112coachatc6 months ago
  • What about harden

    Rey MoragRey Morag6 months ago
    • Your mvp got swep

      Zero MLZero ML5 months ago
    • Yup definitly him

      Haha JaHaha Ja6 months ago
  • Gianis mvp

    MJ- PIPPEN- KobeMJ- PIPPEN- Kobe6 months ago
    • Your mvp just went home

      Owen Benedict PanganOwen Benedict Pangan5 months ago
  • LeBron is the MVP

    Garcia, Sophia Teresa M.Garcia, Sophia Teresa M.6 months ago
  • Antetokumbo or harden is mvp

    zero Gzero G6 months ago
  • Lebron James!!!!!!!!!!

    Montrel MusicMontrel Music6 months ago
  • Me

    Lmarkus Basketball journeyLmarkus Basketball journey6 months ago

    WuttaWutta6 months ago

    daniel pazanidaniel pazani6 months ago
  • Harden mvp

    ianschwartz2006 hiianschwartz2006 hi6 months ago
  • bro, this video was so biased towards LeBron

    Low LifeLow Life6 months ago
    • Yep

      Vizonz FearVizonz Fear5 months ago
  • Frank Vogel hella biased bih cuz he know giannis gonna win dpoy and mvp 💀

    jemarjemar6 months ago
    • Surprised he didn't say he must win coach of the year....

      Sakismichail MichailSakismichail Michail4 months ago
  • Wade Goofy

    Life Of RondoLife Of Rondo6 months ago
  • LeBron MVP

    Jack BrooksJack Brooks6 months ago
  • Gianns is the mvp

    Gregory CampbellGregory Campbell6 months ago
    • Your mvp just went home

      Owen Benedict PanganOwen Benedict Pangan5 months ago