Why NBA Players CHANGED Their Name..

Jan 30, 2021
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Some players got bullied into it.. Others wanted to inspire the world..
There's a lot of reasons behind why NBA players changed their name..

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  • Kareem abdul-jabbar.... a fine example of when NBA players had dignity.

    Just MaysonJust Mayson10 hours ago
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    Jaren McleodJaren Mcleod2 days ago
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  • Slavery was not a great says the black millionaire

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    Joshua BushJoshua Bush3 days ago
    • And the pandas friend where the heck did that come from he'll or something

      Joshua BushJoshua Bush3 days ago
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    Leaked tunes TVLeaked tunes TV3 days ago

    MalPlayzMalPlayz3 days ago
  • World Peace showed how peaceful he was by braking harden’s skull

    Vic OladipoVic Oladipo3 days ago
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  • The story of Steph Curry reminds me of Creed. Apollo Creed also didnt want to have a career in the shadow of his dad's name.

    Noah FreitagNoah Freitag4 days ago
  • Curry’s face 😂

    Amauri WilsonAmauri Wilson5 days ago
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    Caden GuzmanCaden Guzman5 days ago
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      Caden GuzmanCaden Guzman5 days ago
  • wtf did kyrie do

    Rodell SellersRodell Sellers5 days ago
  • Bruh I was playing with Hakeem aswell in 2k bruh

    Pelicano MagesticanoPelicano Magesticano6 days ago
  • Stephen or should I say Wardell, man said "🤨what?"

    KingJames!KingJames!6 days ago
  • bruh wardell is in valorant right?

    entommaentomma6 days ago
  • Nowadays are last names are peace and BLM 😂

    Evan JacksonEvan Jackson7 days ago
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    Jentell CalaisJentell Calais7 days ago
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    Caleb GamesCaleb Games7 days ago
  • Wardell wasnt that bad of a name

    Caleb GamesCaleb Games7 days ago
  • So we not gone talk about how kyrie stretching

    Rasheed Walker 4thRasheed Walker 4th7 days ago
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    Justin WardJustin Ward7 days ago
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    Aidan ReedAidan Reed8 days ago
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    Mike The EditorMike The Editor8 days ago
  • Theres actually a song that we sing in church and it goes “Kyrie Eleison, Christ have mercy”

    Mica UyMica Uy8 days ago
  • Is it me or Ron Artest was like Dennis Rodman son

    IceIce9 days ago
  • What !!! I just found out that Karem when he was a child was not yet Muslim, wow, I was surprised

    LightningLightning9 days ago
  • This is Shocking

    Charly RoskyCharly Rosky9 days ago
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    Green MoneyGreen Money10 days ago
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    Lazer LightLazer Light10 days ago
  • Cassius clay is cashnasty real name

    Sam gamingSam gaming10 days ago
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    James NewellJames Newell10 days ago
  • 1:15 Ngl This caught me off guard, I'm dying!! 🤣😂

    GTFreshieGTFreshie10 days ago
  • That reporter really just wanted to say "Wardell"

    ZellZell10 days ago
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    CalledByGod Tribe of JudahCalledByGod Tribe of Judah10 days ago
  • Let’s take a moment for Kobe 24 and his daughter

    Richard CurrRichard Curr10 days ago
  • Losers

    PG G.PG G.10 days ago
  • Lmao bro I like the part that the kid run Lmao

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    Blizzy YouTubeBlizzy YouTube10 days ago
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    BOomBoom bomBOomBoom bom11 days ago
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    Garrett LongGarrett Long11 days ago
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    RadiicalRadiical11 days ago
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    RadiicalRadiical11 days ago
  • Do they change there jersey?

    RadiicalRadiical11 days ago
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    RadiicalRadiical11 days ago
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    Gurjit SinghGurjit Singh11 days ago
  • Kyrie Jackson with those moves at the end ! 😂

    ExenzoExenzo11 days ago
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    GB bTdGB bTd11 days ago
  • “Ain’t nobody wanna go by the name Wardell”😂😂😂 , bro woke up and chose violence

    TGELITE chernoTGELITE cherno11 days ago
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    david williamsdavid williams11 days ago
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    ConIsEpicConIsEpic11 days ago
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    Ethan HamiltonEthan Hamilton11 days ago

    Laprince Taylor (lt2480)Laprince Taylor (lt2480)12 days ago
  • 5:51 real niggas know that in the movie idiocracy there’s a character named Beef Supreme 😂😂😂

    [made wavy][made wavy]12 days ago
  • Kareems story lowkey interesting

    Jay LittlechildJay Littlechild12 days ago
  • bro nene dont mean baby in portuguese

    Larry the cableguyLarry the cableguy12 days ago
  • Glad and proud to have the same name as kareem

    Kareem HawalyKareem Hawaly12 days ago
  • Dont put jesus name if it is non sense

    SelSel12 days ago
  • I keep watching the videos because you keep telling me too

    Marcos Peña-NelsonMarcos Peña-Nelson12 days ago
  • Kareem changed his name to dodge the Vietnam war Bc he got drafted he so full of sh!t

    Austin BabcockAustin Babcock12 days ago
  • So we just gonna ignore the fact that Mohamed Ali had the SAME NAME as Cash Nasty

    Banks D4GBanks D4G12 days ago
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    Weslin JuarezWeslin Juarez12 days ago
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    Lil bacon babyLil bacon baby12 days ago
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    Just NojusJust Nojus12 days ago
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    CDBxxCDBxx12 days ago
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    Jennifer McCauseJennifer McCause13 days ago
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    20-539-Samuelnapitupulu samuel20-539-Samuelnapitupulu samuel13 days ago
  • steph didnt change his name is middle name is stephen so he just went by that..

    alaina reneealaina renee13 days ago
  • Lol this guy is funny

    Naivy martinezNaivy martinez13 days ago
  • Metta vs Jake Paul in a boxing ring!

    ʜᴇʏ Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪʜᴇʏ Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ13 days ago
  • 1:12- 1:17 I’m died. LOL

    Max BrandonMax Brandon13 days ago
  • FYI Karim means generous man.

    rifar saberrifar saber13 days ago
  • Wardell you better be doing your homework boii.

    Fun nnFun nn13 days ago
  • "The Panda's Friend from the two!"

    Fortnite Name is SavageSpy2585Fortnite Name is SavageSpy258513 days ago
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    Josiah HallJosiah Hall13 days ago

    wickedwicked13 days ago
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    dagim Kidanudagim Kidanu13 days ago
  • Kareem: "Black Americans were brought here from Africa and given names" Africa: "Islamic foreigners from Arabia and the Middle East forced their religion upon us and changed our names" Kareem: "slavery was not a great experience" Modern Day Africa: "You don't say" Kareem needs to learn history and current events. He has no idea how "converting" to Islam contradicts his entire message. He would've adopted Vodun, Akan, Dogon or other traditional African Religions/names. He's likely not as ignorant as i'm assuming and instead decided to follow the trend at the time which was "convert to Islam".

    Joe BensonJoe Benson13 days ago
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    Simply LexiSimply Lexi13 days ago
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    XD SnipingXD Sniping14 days ago
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    Aundrea WoodfinAundrea Woodfin15 days ago
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    Zacharie SavageZacharie Savage15 days ago
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    The Egocentric PredicamentThe Egocentric Predicament17 days ago
  • Wardell! Curry was like ooooo im gon beat his stuff

    Peace ctrl FrostyPeace ctrl Frosty17 days ago
  • No one thought he couldn’t help win championships when he came to the Lakers.

    Checking My pitoChecking My pito18 days ago
  • Their parents when they find out they changed their name 👁👄👁

    Trevon HaileTrevon Haile19 days ago
  • i go from my second name too XD

    roblox arsenal kidroblox arsenal kid19 days ago
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