Why NBA Players Fear This 5FT Man

Nov 6, 2020
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If you thought you had it bad.. Just wait until you hear the story of the shortest man in NBA history: Muggsy Bogues. This man is literally shorter than Kevin Hart and was rivaling NBA legends like Michael Jordan. And not only did this 5 FT man have to make it from the center of gang-land to the NBA, but he also had to overcome a tragic accident that nearly cost him his life at only 5 years old. Sit down, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the inspirational story of Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues.

  • Did he steal the ball from Jordan😳

    HBK GRIMHBK GRIM3 hours ago
  • What is every single name of the songs played in this youtube video? Please tell me

    Eagle FangEagle Fang3 hours ago
  • It's simple... Just get good

    Johnny WangJohnny Wang5 hours ago
  • He's literally 2 inches taller than me and im only in 7th grade still lots to grow as a boy big growth astill to happen

  • As a kid who grew up in a wheelchair, i always looked up to underdog stories like Mugsy. I was a HUGE fan of the Hornets back then. Days of Alonzo, Mugsy, and Grandmama. Loved their jerseys. It was a shame that team never did anything, but i loved them regardless. They had character.

    Soli2deSoli2de6 hours ago
  • im 5'3

    Chase willowsChase willows8 hours ago
  • Small and fierce ≠ Big and gentle This story proves this theory

    CapitalCapital12 hours ago
  • So kevin hart decided to play huh?

    Smoo7erSmoo7er13 hours ago
  • Taller than him

    FiveForLife1499FiveForLife149917 hours ago
  • His size was his advantage. Never see him coming and doubt him.

    John NostrandJohn Nostrand18 hours ago
  • Me 5.6 ..... Raise my spirit

    Sayedur Rahman 03Sayedur Rahman 0321 hour ago
  • Muggsy came out in the NBA games shortly after Spud Webb made his name. After his name and height were announced by the newscaster during the game, next thing came out was ALWAYS, "No , he doesn't dunk."

    allgoo 19allgoo 1923 hours ago

    JAMES KYRIE GelicameJAMES KYRIE Gelicame23 hours ago
  • I never thought of 5'3" as short but him compared to other NBA players makes him looks like a midget.

    Blake ElamBlake ElamDay ago
  • I think we ALL know the moral of this story

    Kevin LiuKevin LiuDay ago
  • right not 1 peson will 1v1 him

  • Yoooo what was that song in the intro, that was fire 🔥

    Drippy GruDrippy GruDay ago
  • You lost me when you said mugsy look ridiculous, totally uncalled for. You is a whole lame out here

    Max SummersMax SummersDay ago
  • Bro... How are these 9 year olds taller than me. Im 4'9 and these kids look like they are 5'e

    lolstxpidlolstxpidDay ago
  • Well he’s taller than me

    FaZe FreckleFaZe Freckle2 days ago
  • He played in space jam with Michael Jordan!

    Diesel BossDiesel Boss2 days ago
  • im 5 foot 2 and im only 10 in a half

    Christopher SaulChristopher Saul2 days ago
  • The bullets drafted the tallest guy and the shortest guy

    Sam GSam G2 days ago
  • He was my favorite player growing up

    Usmc 0321Usmc 03212 days ago
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    Aaron LawrenceAaron Lawrence3 days ago
  • U gassed up might height next to Celeb some of the celebs u post were 5 foot 7 to 8

    an tavan tav3 days ago
  • I’d rather watch muggsy play than some super tall guy made for basketball. He gives me hope

    Saim S.Saim S.3 days ago
  • I'm 5'7 at 13

    VR C4TVR C4T3 days ago
  • with talent, you can do everything.

    Try ThisTry This3 days ago
  • He was a secret weapon 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🏾

    N HN H3 days ago
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    Aimee PerezAimee Perez3 days ago
  • Height in basketball is a bonus not a skill!

    Art HaituArt Haitu3 days ago
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    Navier GnatNavier Gnat3 days ago
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    John ArbogastJohn Arbogast3 days ago
  • Hinata Shōyō Be Like: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    Hawatt CreationsHawatt Creations3 days ago
  • Im 5'4

    Assasin HabaconAssasin Habacon3 days ago
  • Cause he will punch you in the balls

    William UnderhillWilliam Underhill4 days ago
  • can someone toll me what is the intro song?

    Genji 001Genji 0014 days ago
  • i just had pop corn'

    Henley HaueterHenley Haueter4 days ago

    Cig GuardCig Guard4 days ago
  • What’s that intro song I forgot

    Lil DrakoLil Drako4 days ago
  • Dang

    RadiicalRadiical4 days ago
  • Oof

    RadiicalRadiical4 days ago
  • Wow

    RadiicalRadiical4 days ago
  • 5:15 , are we sure he is 5 ft 3 because he touches the backboard, damn insane!

    M. Furkan KirazM. Furkan Kiraz4 days ago
  • Nice video... Well done

    Pedro VianaPedro Viana4 days ago
  • He’s basically the definition of size doesn’t matter it’s how you use it

    DoctorDoctor4 days ago
    • I see what u did there Lmao

      Ben WensingBen Wensing2 days ago
  • I'm taller than him and I'm in 6th grade. Does that mean I can be in the NBA? Oh wait, I actually have to be good.

    Liam BigleyLiam Bigley5 days ago
  • He's invisible : l

    Sandy CastlesSandy Castles5 days ago
  • I guees you Can Call him for the boy who lived

    Sal1k2Sal1k25 days ago
  • He looks like he has dwarfism when he's next to anyone

    Ellis BurkeEllis Burke5 days ago
  • Every small thing can make a big difference

    user nameuser name5 days ago
  • I'm 5'3... I'm coming for you

    DominateDominate5 days ago
  • Every legend has a story.

    Nawed 377Nawed 3775 days ago
  • Imagine him jumping. Like a spring

    PixelPixel6 days ago
  • Im 10 and 5ft 4 this bs

    iQ_RetakeziQ_Retakez6 days ago
  • oi mate can you show your face plz

    Jacob WhiteJacob White6 days ago
  • That’s the size of a middle schooler

    Lil BunnyLil Bunny6 days ago
  • im 4.8 and im 9 years old

    Chase HarrisChase Harris6 days ago
  • taller than me lol

    ScrawlScrawl6 days ago
  • Bro i live near wake forest in North Carolina 😁

    Dark_assassin231Dark_assassin2316 days ago
  • No it because every time he punches them they hits them in the ballls

    jiren the Grayjiren the Gray7 days ago
  • bru yao ming was like 7 feet n the nba

    nyfonyfo7 days ago
  • Much respect he played in a tough era only the strongest survive

    bolo lo kamabolo lo kama7 days ago
  • Love seeing someone thought of as the underdog accomplish his dreams

    tristanb1tristanb17 days ago
  • 10:20...did he just steal a ball from JORDAN!!!!!!!! ... MAN IM HYPE IM 5'8" LOOKING FOR THE NEXT 6'5" DUDE TO FIGHT WHATS GOOOOODD.... all jokes aside. It's the center of gravity... he's closer to the floor. He's more agile, better balanced, swifter.... granted his reach is short but ever had a cat attack you? Yeah look up videos on it, see if you can escape a cat heated... he'll claw yo ass up

    TrueMOBALISTATrueMOBALISTA7 days ago
  • imagine getting completly dusted by a guy 3 ft shorter than you. all respect to muggsy

    Finn GFinn G7 days ago
  • 😊❤🇳🇵muggsy.

    Oshan MarioOshan Mario7 days ago
  • Yeah and I’m 4/10 at 12 years old

    Dominic PasinellaDominic Pasinella8 days ago
  • this is a chick

    Shane WShane W8 days ago
  • me play basketball new cause of u

    Shane WShane W8 days ago
  • This video is bullsht. Your familiar tone while taking liberties w this mans story is an insult.

    Shed ShowShed Show8 days ago
  • *Why NBA Players Fear This 5FT Man* Answer: Because they might step on him and his family will file a lawsuit

    SirDucksAlotSirDucksAlot8 days ago
  • If anyone wants the song form that minitage in the beginning is called Bryd by HDBeenDope

    Toa AaronToa Aaron8 days ago
  • Kuroko

    Eric MeiEric Mei8 days ago
  • Songg

    ʏᴜᴋᴀᴍɪ !ʏᴜᴋᴀᴍɪ !8 days ago
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    nadia riccinadia ricci8 days ago
  • So the Newman can be in the NBA.

    James YamazakiJames Yamazaki9 days ago
  • Woww, I wonder if that shot made his height limit short?

    Jayson4RealzsJayson4Realzs9 days ago
    • i was thinking the same thing.

      Hyperdrive meleeTMHyperdrive meleeTM8 days ago
  • Picture of the Tallest and shortest guy together in the NBA just perfect

    william Boywilliam Boy9 days ago
  • When your 5'3 😤

    joeljoel9 days ago
  • A TRUE legend!

    drumrboi72drumrboi729 days ago
  • Remember David killed Goliath's.

    Goose BlurGoose Blur9 days ago
  • damn my ass would get stomped on

    DailyRBXDailyRBX9 days ago
  • To me this guy n vice carter are the best

    Wooly ascmeWooly ascme10 days ago
  • Im 4 foot 7 and realy skinny. People laugh and point at me. Talk about me behind my back. Saying that my dream of being an nba player would never become reality. But now that i saw this i feel like i could do anything. Some people may laugh and point. But thats not goong to stop me. Its not going to stop any of us, because i know if we can believe. We can do it. So all of you guys. Short orr tall, never give up. Because if you give up. Then everybody will just keep laughing and pointing. And you dont want that, do you? Ps my profile pic is my dad. Im really in 9 grade.

    Jeremy AlversonJeremy Alverson10 days ago
  • He just realized "life is short", so do you my friend hahah, mad love and respect to this man

    Skever BeatsSkever Beats10 days ago
  • I would likee mugssy on my team the three the steals the twos

    Elna DestaulElna Destaul10 days ago
  • I think if he was tall he would be the best basketball player

    Elefantao 0711Elefantao 071110 days ago
  • I’m 5’3 and I’m 12 💀

    N4TR0NN4TR0N10 days ago
  • 5 and survived a 12 gauge legend

    Rancher KidRancher Kid10 days ago
  • Very inspirational!

    Eireee17Eireee1710 days ago
  • Thank you..inspirational

    benarji kumar doorubenarji kumar dooru10 days ago
  • poor little mugzie is right

    Robert MoyaRobert Moya11 days ago
  • Remember the game when Michael Jordan roasted Mugzie

    Baxter WillersBaxter Willers11 days ago
  • My mom is 5 foot 3

    Matthew ThomasMatthew Thomas11 days ago
  • D

    Matthew FireMatthew Fire11 days ago
  • is that flights reacts dad

    Deremil DominguezDeremil Dominguez11 days ago
  • I’m 5 foot 3

    Skilful 10Skilful 1011 days ago
  • So technically he’s cash

    Sally MortonSally Morton12 days ago